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  1. Things I Don't Like

    Going to the local petrol station to find the tanker there, that really grinds my gears.
  2. Front clunking noise

    I'd get it looked at asap, I had a ball joint fail on me on my mark 5 Cortina and I got off lightly. The front left collapsed and left me stranded. Such a failure can cause body damage, but like I said, I got off lightly as the wing etc wasn't harmed.
  3. Coolant use.

    So the jobs a good un, I ordered the part online for under 9 quid, got a mechanic mate to fit it for 15 quid, not worth messing yourself for that money. He even put his own antifreeze in, despite me having some of my own in the boot. Thermostat housing had a crack in it. Thanks all for the replies.
  4. Coolant use.

    I'm tempted to have a go myself, I've fitted a new thermostat to my old Escort but that was a different story obviously with access etc.
  5. Coolant use.

    Ok so I finally spotted the leak, it's coming from the thermostat housing. Anyone have any idea of the cost for this fix?
  6. Coolant use.

    Update, it would seem to be coming from the engine bay as I had a 1 and a half mile drive to the supermarket earler and while the wife was in there I decided to have another look (not ideal in the dark but had an led torch) there was a pink coolant drip hanging (not dripping) from the bottom of the sump, and there was evidence that it came from higher up but I still couldn't locate the source. It's difficult during the week to have a good look as it's always dark when I get home from work. I need a dry weekend really to have a better chance of finding the source. What I can rule out are the expansion tank and cap. Make of this limited info what you will guys, this all started about a week ago but I have to get it sorted asap. Looks like I can rule blowers out though, footwells bone dry. Thanks as usual.
  7. Mass Air Flow Sensor

    I'm just wondering what would happen if I unplugged this on my petrol zetec? I unplugged this on my 51 plate diesel Punto and it worked wonders, the car was much faster and it didn't affect economy. There were no adverse effects whatsoever. Would it hurt this car if I did the same? Many thanks in advance as usual. Steve.
  8. Coolant use.

    Very strange, just checked the car again after topping it up earlier, now it is above max, I can't work this out. Something strange is going on. Can the expansion tank show a mid level after a run and then return to max after cool down?
  9. Coolant use.

    Thanks for the prompt reply Tom, I'll have to do some more digging, but I think it's related to blower use, just not sure. I know the car had a new water pump fitted before I bought it.
  10. Coolant use.

    Hey guys. Further to my reply to coolant leak below, and having no response I decided to start this. The car has started to use coolant that is not normal, I did a 20 mile drive today using blowers on and off. When I got home the expansion tank had dropped about an inch, needed 300ml to top up back to max. The car was fine when I first had it, drove the 40 miles home from where I bought it, no loss. This started a few days ago, and I would like to know what could be causing it, there are no obvious signs under the bonnet. I suspect something to do with blower use but there are no signs of anything in the footwells. Any help greatly appreciated.
  11. Ford Focus Mk1 Common Problems Thread

    I'm finding this, much heavier on fuel than my old diesel punto.
  12. Coolant leak

    I have a strange situation, I took my son to work the other day, and when we arrived the temp gauge was reading high and there was a gurgling from under the bonnet. I switched the car off immediately and left it for two minutes. Started it back up and drove home with no issues. Got home and the expansion tank was empty, so filled it back up with water and anti freeze. I did an 8 mile drive the day after and the level had dropped a little bit, topped it back up. Today have done 10 miles, most with no blower on, the level is ok. This looks like an issue with using the blowers. Any advice greatly appreciated as usual.
  13. Blower settings

    Same as mine really, no sign of cracking though, I'm hoping it just gave up after 15 years and had nothing to do with motor bearings. The pack I removed had Ford on it too, so that gives me hope that the unit was original.
  14. Ford Focus Mk2 Common Problems Thread

    I can't help with you engine issues I'm afraid, but as for the uphill assist, I have a 17 plate company van that has it and I have never tried it using the handbrake on a hill (I will now) but using the foot brake it works a treat. Hold on foot brake, release and it will hold it for a couple of seconds, but it will release when you lift the clutch so there is no way you can roll back. Not something I've ever needed to be honest but it is a good feature.
  15. Alternator woes?

    I did loads of work and tinkering on my old escorts, cleaning the carburetor and float valve, fitting and removing parts such as starter motor, alternator and stuff, it just seems different these days, more difficult. Modern cars are designed to be more difficult, I'm sure of it.