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  1. Thanks a lot. I like Meguiars stuff and I already have baby wipes (would never have thought of using those),will give the wipe a try first. Cheers Brian B)
  2. There is loads of stuff about car cleaning, what to use etc. I haven't seen anything about what to use on the plastic bits inside the car. What is the best stuff to use? Cheers Brian
  3. Mine is a Zetec Mk 7 and it has rear speakers. I thought all Zetec's and above had them.
  4. I didn't realise that I was supposed to get pillows with my Fiesta Zetec. Did you get blankets and sheets as well? Stone me, what next.
  5. I use a programme called 'TuneAid'. I find it excellent. I use an Apple Mac so don't know if it works on Windows.
  6. OK, will try pressing the M button twice quickly and see what happens. It is a shame really because the system works quite well and having a bluetooth 'phone is a real bonus. Thanks chaps
  7. My basic Zetec 1.4 with Bluetooth has rear speakers.
  8. I seem to have a problem with my Bluetooth system. I can connect the 'phone with no problem but if I want to receive a call, page 172 of the owners manual states that either the Function Button 1 (which does work) OR pressing the MODE button on the remote control which I assume is the thing on the steering wheel. Pressing the Mode button does not work it simply makes the calling 'phone give a 'phone busy' message. Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks Brian
  9. I also found Ford Insure to give the best quote. Undercutting all others by loads of money. My local Ford Dealers in Poole are also very good. (I think that their service department is a bit suspect though). Brian :P
  10. Mine didn't do it yesterday when I went out. Will see if it squeals this morning. By the way, what has a tight driveway got to do with your squeal? Are you saying the driveway squeals or the car? :P
  11. I am getting 48 - 50 out of my 1.4 with about 360 miles on the clock.
  12. Thanks for all your inputs. I was not talking about a squeak but a squeal. A very different noise. A squeak is not likely to be serious, a squeal could be, especially as it could be a clutch/gearbox problem. Thanks again Brian
  13. Could you let us know the outcome? Does yours do it all of the time? Are you talking about the actual pedal itself or an actual clutch squeak? Sorry about all the questions
  14. My car has done just over 300 miles and I have noticed (hard to miss really) that when I first start the car up and depress the clutch, there is a squealing noise like you used to get when a clutch thrust bearing was on its way out. After a fer minutes it goes and no longer heard for the rest of the day. Anyone else had this problem? Cheers Brian :(
  15. I have fixed it. Inside the car the outer cable fits via a slot into a very flimsy plastic lever. It had come out. Put it back in and now OK.