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  1. THE Fiesta Detailing Thread

    Hello there I'm Davis Love ;) I'm new here as you can see I have no posts :) I'm planning to get a Fiesta Mk5 for my first car, Just love 'em I have been seduced into Ford by a friend of mine, who owns a Toyota Corolla GTi-16 AE92, very nice car. We spend hours on his car most weekends, it has been fun, but many frustrating moments, we hoisted the engine out with a hired engine crane, so I'm gaining a lot of self experience on the way Thus giving me a little head-start for college. My favourite Ford model at the moment is Ford Escort RS Cossie :lol:
  2. Mk5 Fiesta

    Hi there. I'm planning to get a Fiesta MK5, I just love the car and its shape and style. Seen some really nice Done up and "Show car standard" Looking forward to getting My first car ;)