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  1. Focus MK2 Aluminium Pedal Kit

    I bought my replacement headlight from that eBay store as it happens
  2. Focus MK2 Aluminium Pedal Kit

    They might be crap, but I'm a stickler for OEM stuff (but 100% overpriced!). I'll take a look at the Sparco stuff, though
  3. Focus MK2 Aluminium Pedal Kit

    I did see that, but searching eBay for the part number says it's for all Focus' from 2004 up to 2011, hence the question! It's all a bit confusing but I might ring my local dealer as they're quite good at confirming part numbers for me
  4. I'm sure this has been asked before but I would like to know before I consider buying - is this going to be compatible with my MK2 Focus? https://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_focus_aluminium_pedal_pad_kit_rhd_f_1534426_c_342.htm I'm sure I can get it cheaper, just need to know for the part number
  5. MK2 Focus Headlights

    Spoke to my local Ford garage on lunch (managed to get through quickly) and confirmed the part number so got a new headlight on order from eBay as it was cheaper than directly from the dealer
  6. MK2 Focus Headlights

    I need to get a new O/S headlight but the sticker on the top is missing it's part number so I'm not sure which to buy. Do I match the last two letters on the N/S headlight or am I best calling Ford with my VIN number and they can confirm? I assume different model numbers align with different pins on the connector but I could be wrong. I believe the finis code I want is 1480980 but the part number begins 4M51-13W029-XX, where XX is different on eBay listings I've seen
  7. Bonnet Repair

    It's literally just the front lip that's bent back, the bonnet itself is otherwise fine and it opens/closes without issue. I have seen other bonnets my colour (Tonic Blue) on eBay/scrappies but finding one that's not got other dinks is proving a bit problematic. I might have to just accept a few marks or (as said above) get one a different colour and get it sprayed. Main thing is the car is not a total loss (had 2nd assessor round this morning) so can now sort it out...
  8. CAT D Query

    Thanks for the reply. I had an independent assessor come out this morning who's agreed it's not a write off at all and is going to recommend a 'cash in lieu' settlement as I can get the repair done myself by my usual garage. Seems to be a win/win IMO but obviously happy to accept advice if required!
  9. CAT D Query

    I hope someone can try and clear up a confusing situation for me... I bought my Focus a month ago and two weeks after collecting it my wife went into the back of someone at low speed and has dented the bonnet but bumper/grill are fine bar a bit of a scuff. The O/S headlight has snapped a mount but is otherwise in one piece and points in the right direction. Elephant, my insurer, are saying different things each time we call and basically they're saying it's a total loss as their approved garage has said it requires a new front end so costs basically the same as I bought it for! How they came to this without even opening the bonnet is beyond me but I would assume they CBA to repair it. We have had another estimate done by the guy my family has used for over ten years but they're saying it's not a proper estimate as it's hand written and not typed in a PDF document. Anyway, as it only needs the bonnet dent removed and a new light is it worth taking the hit with is being classed a CAT D/N and repair it myself? Is the insurance going to be stupid if I do? Picture attached, ignore the bend by the bumper/wing/headlight as that was there when I got the car originally. It's basically the dent at the front which is only affecting the bonnet that is the major pain
  10. Bonnet Repair

    First off, sorry if this is the wrong place! I got my Focus just under a month ago and my wife managed to go into the back of someone at low speed, causing the front lip of the bonnet to bend inwards just above the Ford badge on the front grill (but didn't damage the lock, thankfully). We went to the insurance-approved garage for an estimate and they have said it needs a whole new front end but didn't even open the bonnet so that's a load of rubbish! Had my usual garage take a look and it needs a new/repaired bonnet and a new O/S headlight (headlight clip nearest the grill has snapped off but only moves about a CM if wiggled). My question is does it look like it needs a new bonnet or can it be repaired/painted as is (ignore the number plate/few dings on the bumper and the fact there's a crease on the outside - that was there when I got it, not fussed about that)?
  11. Hey

    Hi all, I'm Ed from London and I drive a 2006 5-door, 2 litre Focus Ghia in Tonic Blue. I'll pop round occasionally but might be quiet initially as I'm having to deal with my insurance company because my wife had a prang 2 weeks after buying it!