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  1. Dials stuck briefly at startup

    according to the dash test its 12.0 volts.
  2. Dials stuck briefly at startup

    Dial sweep test completed fine. What i did notice last night is that the headlights flickered on when starting, even when the lights are set to off.
  3. Hello, When I start my car the rev's and speed needle gets stuck below zero for a couple of seconds, the needle twitches for a few seconds like its struggling to move. Any ideas? - Matt
  4. Windscreen issues

    Hello, I have poor visibility through my windscreen. I've tried cleaning and polishing but its still pretty poor. I was hoping the polish would fill the little pits. There are quite a few tiny scratches/chips/pits on the windscreen that causes quiet a bit of glare. A lot of headlights seem over bright these days which doesn't help; unless its just me. Any ideas how to reduce the glare? - Matt
  5. Do I have an issue starting?

    I had one of these moments myself but all my displays went blank whilst trying to start. I have started making sure the air-con, rear screen heater isn't on when starting, seems to have made a little difference, unless it was a coincidence. I also start with the clutch pedal pressed down.
  6. DASHCam

    Have you tried it without the SD card to see if it stays on? Maybe try it at home connected to a PC or mobile charger with the SD card in?
  7. re-mapping

    I also used bluefin on my 1.8 tdci . Vast improvement for me, power wasn't much a concern but smoothness, it was easy to stall from a junc/roundabout and power came in one lump. Slightly less economy (few MPG), smoother and more powerful; a trade off well worth it. Also you can revert back to the standard map should you need to.
  8. Coolant leak

    I'll try and tighten it up, bit of an irritation they couldn't be bothered.
  9. New Battery

    I think keep hold of the current one until it starts to conk out then. Thanks
  10. New Battery

    Hello, I've had my car over 5yr and not replaced the battery, should i wait for it to die or replace you rekon? Any preferred brands or places to buy a replacement? Tried eurocarparts but they are well expensive. - Matt
  11. Coolant leak

    Ok so took this to the garage on Friday and seems to have sorted it. The hose with a clamp on punctured the other hose and was gradually leaking under pressure. The bolt needs tightening but thats it. Sorted. - Matt
  12. Coolant leak

    Hello, Can you help identify this bolt? I got the pic on the left from google the right is mine. Thanks
  13. Coolant use.

    I'm having similar issues with coolant. I'm, no expert but I thought that during running the level may appear lower but once cool it should go back up due to expansion under heat and contraction when its cold?
  14. Coolant leak

    I think i'm going to have to get this to a decent garage before something goes wrong. I'd like to know where its leaking so I don't get fobbed off. Anyone rate click mechanic or am i better at an independant? Didn't even notice the bolt, will get that looked at along with the clip, stupid way to position a clip if you ask me.
  15. Coolant leak

    Hmm... well today this morning there was no coolant, topped up, checked it at work the level is the same as i left and on lunch it is still the same. I've ordered a expansion vessel cap in case it is that (there is some white stains above the tank).