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  1. Hi Guys I have seen a headunit on ebay called the rsmmi 2. Has anybody bought one or seen one in use? Thinking of buying one so any feedback will be great. Thx in Advance
  2. Hi Guys, Recently purchased a 2009 Ford Rs 2.5L but not happy with the headunit. I need a headunit with bluetooth, ipod connectivity, sat nav and plays dvds. Steering Controls intact would be an added bonus. The stereo has to look OEM because I live in an area with high crime rate. I have seen some from China, but not really interested in purchasing from there (bad past experiences). Are there any uk distributors or suppliers. Any Suggestions Welcome. Thx in Advance
  3. Hi Guys, I have just purchased a 2009 Ford RS Focus 2.5l beast. Just spent £20000 on it with 8k on the clock. Don't know if I got ripped of or not. But I am over the moon with the purchase. Its got all the added extras like xenons, sat nav and tints. Saw one on the motorway and decided there and there to buy one. I love the power and the handling, my first Ford, was a Civic type-r driver in my previous life. The only thing is it does not have the orginal alloys that come with the car. Previous owner kerbed it hard and replaced all four alloys with 17s. Does anyone have any suggestions. The bigger the better without having to adjust the arches of course. Also are there any other goodies I can add to improve my driving experience? Exhausts, springs, ICE, chips etc I am one of those guys who can't leave standard alone. Got to personalise. New to the Ford scene. So Please Help!