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  1. Thanks everyone. I had a quick look at the manual and it says I need to take off two coolant hoses. Is this right or can the job be done without doing so on a 2010 1.8?
  2. Sounds like a plan! I take it there's only a rubber O-ring seal to worry about?
  3. Thanks for the suggestions chaps. Are there any special precautions to take with cleaning a fly-by-wire throttle body? Or is it the same case of gently open the throttle plate fully and give it a good dose of carb cleaner and a brush?
  4. My 2010 49k mile Focus 1.8 Petrol has an annoying habit of being a bit "snatchy" and heistant when pulling away, only to suddenly want to lurch forwards or try to wheelspin once it sorts itself out. Is this a known issue with the Duratec HEs or is it more likely to be a case of needing some new plugs or similar?
  5. Thanks for the info. is the high spec bluetooth unit hard to get hold of and is it a straight plug-in swap for my current bluetooth unit?
  6. I've just bought a 2010 Focus Mk2.5 Zetec which has a standard Ford 6000CD installed along with bluetooth handsfree calling and voice control. Is there any way to upgrade this unit to enable USB playback or bluetooth audio streaming? Also, if I was to upgrade to the Titanium spec DAB head unit would I be able to keep the bluetooth handsfree working?