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  1. Central Locking - Rear Passesnger Door

    Will try that, but is there any way of locking the door in the meantime????? Thanks.
  2. I have looked at the other problems and tried all the possible solutions, but my problem seems to be unique. All my doors lock manually and via central locking, except the rear passenger door. I have tried fuse 63, turned the key in the ignition 4 times, etc etc, but it still won't budge. I have had the door skin off, and the cable linking the black "lock" button is really stiff, no movement at all. I can't even push the button in with brute force. Have tried WD40 in the lock and around the workings of the lock, all to no avail. As my car is now basically unlocked, I am worried as for the security of it. When the central locking is on, I can still open the rear door without the alarm going off (W reg 1.8 TDC1 Ghia model). I would even settle for the door to be continuously locked, but I can't even do this, apart from welding it!!! Any suggestions greatly received. Thanks a lot.