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  1. Hi, My 4500 RSD radio in my fiesta mk 6 2002, has gone T*ts up and won't hold a channel (keeps searching on FM) so I want to replace the unit with a 'normal' radio with bluetooth etc. The garage here in Spain has quoted me €85 just for the fitting and making good. Can anyome advise me if I can do this myself and if so, how and what parts do i need. Thanks in anticipation
  2. Odb2 Code Reader

    How can I tell if my 2002 1.4 lx fiesta is obd2 compatible? I have just bought a code reader and not sure if it is going to work when it gets here. I have seen the connecting plug below the steering wheel.
  3. Mk6 light change

    Hi, i am fitting continental rear light units to my fiesta mk6 can anyone advise on how to change wiring to cater for the fog light and reverse light change of sides. Is there provision to do this or do I have to physically convert the wiring. Thanks
  4. Fiesta Mk 6 lights

    I have a complete set of lights, front and rear from 2003 Fiesta LX for sale. I will take 100 GBP for them but the buyer will need to pay for postage as I live in Spain. The lights are in Mint condition, the car has only done a genuine 26,000 miles.
  5. This is a long shot but I have a set of ford fiesta mk6 uk headlights that I would like to swap for continental headlights. Alternativley, sell these uk lights and offset the cost of the Euro lights that I need to buy. Any help appreciated.