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  1. hi ive recently noticed that theres a rubber sleeve missing from my air filter box? its just before the air goes in on the left hand side wing panel, i replaced it and now the car wont start?? when i remove the rubber sleeve it starts again fine? any ideas why or what is stopping the air and where does the air go in because i cant find the other end, spent 5 mins player with horn thinkin that was it! please help!!
  2. ive spoken to the garage n basically told me there warranty only cover engine and gear box so would after seel legal advice but to be honest i dont have the time or patience, i'l def take the advice of cleaning the egr valve but unsure what it looks like? could somebody possibly put on a pic so i kno what it looks like? also how to clean it and what with? thanks for ya time guys
  3. pls pls pls help, always wanted a cougar and when i finally get one i find out the garage i bought it from are very bad people! as with any new car i get i have it check with diagnostics to make sure things are all good! but on my new (1999) 2.5 v6 cougar im been told i need pre & post cat 02 sensors, egr valve and a camshift sensor! unfortunately i dont have the moey to pay garage rates so could do with any advice possible here!