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  1. sapphire exhaust fitment

    thanks alot you have been more helpfull than the people who make the exhaust!! the fitment is the same for all sierra thanks again mate. :D
  2. i have a 1991 sierra saphhire 2.0 dohc ghia, it has 76000 miles fsh no dents, perfect interior but its auto :( what do these sell for these days? Also i plan to fit the cosworth 24v engine and box, will this conversion be easier as both cars are auto? or are there other options available to me. will cosworth front hubs and discs fit? any help will be apreciated thanks. webuyanycar offered me £50 !Removed!.
  3. sapphire exhaust fitment

    cheers mate i spoke to ahley who make the exhaust and they said "we only make it for sierra dohc" and did not specify on model eg hatch sapphire, so they were really helpfull not. but i will try my local exhaust shop maybe they know what they are talking about!!!! cheers
  4. sapphire exhaust fitment

    hi i have a saphhire 2.0 dohc, i need to know if the exhaust fitment is the same as a hatch back model? i have my eye on an ashley exhaust but they only list hatch. thanks.