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  1. as long as they are bright enough and show orange. thats fine. Look for a twin headlight conversion/ morettes. they are far better.
  2. Chains should last life of the engine. Can start to get noisy after very high mileage 150k +
  3. use a multimeter to test if the Alternator is charging. No charge. new alternator. Could be a tired battery as a tired battery can do funny things (reset radio) as cranking can take too much friom the system etc etc.
  4. Should be covered.
  5. If you bought from a garage you should (legally) have a 3 month warranty. Whats actually wrong with it? It wont want it all changing. Are they tring to make some money out of you? Get a second opinion.
  6. The 1.7 puma engine conversion is possible but not just a drop in job. All that effort for 125 BHP?
  7. Not a bad attempt. coupe's are starting to make a comeback. This is not coupe' enough to get people to come away from the focus.
  8. Jesus. WTF!!!! suppose its cheaper than designing an all new model. Mind you in india this probably looks the nuts! ok maybe not.
  9. Should last the life of the engine. Very high mileage examples can get noisy though.
  10. you should see a massive improvement in fuel economy coming away from the autos
  11. Mine used to do that. thought is was normal.
  12. Deffo Go For 3.0 ST220. Late as poss, max options, Performance Blue. Go for the diesel only if you are doing lots of miles.
  13. Very nice. reminds me of my mates 2.0s Burton engined Xpacked Capri.
  14. Looks clean and tidy.
  15. Looks nice in white. Don't see many in white. Brings back memories of riding in my uncles 2.8 v6 LASER!!!! oooo in nimbus Grey.