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  1. Happy Birthday zetec_s ljk!

  2. its infront of gear 1... its got the picture of a car thats skidding lol.. thats the easiest way i can describe it
  3. on friday i was driving in the snow and this idiot infront of me broke suddenly so i had to brake but when i broke my brake peddle was grinding and sounded like a drill.. now the brakes hardly work they go right to the floor with little braking. i gave my car in to ford to see if they can correct the problem.. a 2 month old car shouldnt have brake problems already can they ? does anybody else have the same problem as me ? cheers,
  4. vin number

    thanks for that. i now know my Z'S was made in germany :( i dont wanna drive it now haha
  5. vin number

    cheers mate
  6. vin number

    i dont want to sound stupid here but what does "WF" mean at the beggining of my vin number ? can any one help ?
  7. Interior mats

    yeah all 4.... with fiesta written on the drivers side
  8. Interior mats

    i picked mine up for £29 from main dealer
  9. Titanium vs Zetec S (driver ages)

    zetec s .... aged 17 :D :D
  10. Interior mats

    to be honest the ford ones are best they fit in your car perfectly and look so much more official
  11. Mk7 Factory Poll

    my zetec s was also made in sunny valencia :D :D .. obvioulsy the best place for a fiesta to be built ... i wouldnt trust a german haha
  12. 065.JPG

    From the album my new zetec s :D

  13. my new zetec s :D

    ordered it in august got her in october.. made in valencia a great little car
  14. Another one

    i love my mk7 zetec s and i got a very good price for it.. but at the end of the day all these price increases are silly.. all that money on a fiesta is ridiculous, there cheaply made and cant cost a lot to be made i dont see why they are so expensive .
  15. It's Here...

    just looks like any other titanium fiesta tbh.. and wat is that white stuff on the back bumper looks like a bird has taken a liken to your car lol