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  1. hello guys! ive organised a multi forum meet for the 21st march... so if your free and driving a ford then please come along and say hello! IVE hunted high and low to find somewhere suitable and I've found a very car friendly pub/restaurant, its also child friendly too with a small play area, and the parking is very ample and the people who arrive early will not get blocked in! its also very easy to get to as its only about a quarter of a mile from junction 7 of the M56.... the venue is.... THE CHESHIRE LOUNGE (Nags head) CHESTER ROAD MILLINGTON WA14 3RX start time 11AM I hope to see you again and if you havnt been to a multi forum meet before then please make this your first and come along for a warm welcome! MAP OF LOCATION...
  2. multi forum meet,14 june,southport

    link to pics! http://www.focusowners.com/forum/viewtopic...p=314485#314485
  3. multi forum meet,14 june,southport

    well today is the day peeps... just on 60 names due to come so it should be a good day! if your free today then please come along!
  4. Hello I am new

    hello matt! hows it going?!
  5. multi forum meet,14 june,southport

    come on guys we have well over 40 names down for this meet now... anyone from here coming along???
  6. hello people... im paul (mexman) and i organise ford based meets around the northwest, as im doing more im finding more forums as im going along... the first major meet i organised had 72 attend and the last one we had performance ford turn up and we had 61 come along to that meet... which is why im here! to invite this forum along to the meet im organising at southport this time... here is some details and i'll update with a bit more info over the next couple of days! i hope you guys can show up with us! Multi Forum Meet 2008 # 3 Right guys & girls we’re off again... This time we are heading West to: SOUTHPORT SATURDAY 14TH JUNE 2008 12 noon Southport has a great range of attractions - there's something for all the family and all interests. Whether you're looking for the wet and wild slides at Splash World or a more relaxing time having a picnic on the beach, take a walk down Southport Pier, or take a ride on its state-of-the-art Pier Tram or play on the 'penny-in-the-slot" amusement machines. Fancy some ten-pin bowling? Then pay a visit to Premier Bowl on Ocean Plaza, a modern 20 lane bowling alley or take a stroll down Lord Street and visit some of the many shops it has to offer. Venue : Car park next to Pleasureland, Esplanade, Southport, Merseyside, PR8 1RX (directly opposite Splash World) Map: Car Park: Link to Splash World: http://www.splashworldsouthport.com/ Paul (Mexman) any questions please ask away!