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  1. Yeah could be the ISCV also might be work checking the Air flow sensor (MAF). or the Air temp sensor...
  2. 1997 1.8 Si Estate problem

    Right, Problem solved!! :D It's was a faulty Lambda sensor, which caused the Cat to burnout. Should start getting decent MPG out of her Replaced both, now the car is back to it's former escort glory!
  3. 1997 1.8 Si Estate problem

    Thanks for the advice, i check all that i could last night. Going to take it into my local Ford place today to see if they can plug it in and find whats up. I will let you know my findings.
  4. Hello Escort fans, I have just got myself a mk6 escort 1.8 si estate about a week ago on a R plate. All seemed great until this morning... here goes the facts. Temp seems ok It's ticks over ok, seem really smothe. but between 2000 and 3000 revs sometimes more the car feels like it being held back. I've been doing lots of digging around on the internet today so going to check the following tonight, MAF ISCV Air temp sensor... Is there anything else you can think if that would cause this? The car has not long been serviced, which is why i cant get my head round it.. Hope someone can help or shed some light on this.. Thanks Stu