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  1. you probably need a new locking mech, more likely the motor, maybe check with multi meter to see if there is any voltage coming to the locking mech when locking and unlocking, if there is then the motor is faulty
  2. hello, anyone there, surely someone must know
  3. Hi all First time post here, have looked thru this forum but don't think there is spectific answers to my problem, so here goes Got a Focus 1.8 zetec year 2000, the central locking won't lock all doors even tho I can hear and see all are trying to lock then unlocks when I use the remote key(sometimes do and sometiumes not) but when I lock the passenger door manual with key inserted, everything locks but no hazard light flash which probably means the alarm s not activated, I know there is nothing wrong with the key fob as I ve replaced the battery and all buttons works (unlock, lock and boot all works), also I ve tried to lock manually with the key in on the driver side and it won't lock, it will try to lock then unlocks straight away, I believe the fault is in the driver s door, I know all the door opening switch is ok as the interior lights and boot lights actually works, hope you ll give me answers by the way, nice forum, will be posting more as more ideas for this car, just wanted to sort out all faults first