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  1. Id love to join you but not sure what work I have on yet ( own catering business! ) but if i can make it i will
  2. If im free that day and not working then Id be happy to travel up and meet you all
  3. To be fair to them they did say they were very sorry and wanted to keep their reputation by giving me all my money back and they did offer to find me a replacement vehicle but I just wanted to walk away and start again thats cars for you!
  4. Pics are great, looks nice in Sea Grey Ive never seen the back look so plain with no rear wiper or badges but once it lowered and youve done it up then it will be a nice motor
  5. Yea I got all my money back, the finance deal was terminated before my credit history wasn't affected. I got my part ex back and when they drove it back to me I demanded them to fill the tank for all the crap they put me through.... that will teach em!! And also I was never put off with buying another Fezza but my advice would be to just be careful because I thought a 6 month old car would cause me no problems at all... how wrong was i!
  6. Hi Guys and Girls I did have a black zetec S recently but I had BIG problems with it. Ill try and keep the story as short as I can. I picked up a 09 plate black zetec S last month from a Mitsubushi dealership as it a part exchange vehicle. As I drove it out of the garage I noticed the tracking was really off. So I decided to turn round and inform the garage of the problem. I got the salesman to drive it and see the problem for himself, which he said " yes, your 100% right, the tracking is off. If you get a ford dealer to sort the tracking for you, we will pay the bill." So I took it down to my local ford dealer and they put it on the ramps etc and rang me to tell me they had found some damage to the car and that I needed to see it for myself. The chap showed me a dent crease in the boot flooring which he said has the strongest part of the car!! and also that the rear bumper had at some point been replaced and that parts of the paint were different. Basically....they said that they were certain that the car had been involved in an rear accident at some point and that someone had done a poor job and knew that it was f****d so decided to get rid of it! (just recently found out that a teenage lad had it before me) I was sooooo mad at this stage so rang the Mitsubushi garage and told them to give me my money back and my part exchange car back! They claimed they never knew anything about it and that they were very very sorry etc. ANYWAY..................... 1 month on and I have just been to the Bristol Ford dealership which I should have gone to in the first place and got myself this beasty. I wasn't sure about vision blue at first but I have fallen in love with it and can't wait to pick it up next week!! I was put off by the whole experience with my previous car and I was very lucky to have taken it to a garage the day after I got it because the last thing I would have wanted was to have discovered all those problems with it 6 months down the line ALOT HAPPIER NOW.... LOOKING FORWARD TO PICKING THE NEW ONE UP!
  7. The day has arrived!!!! Im heading over to Swansea today to pick up my beast Ill pop some pics up at some point but Ill be too busy doing pointless driving for the next few days!
  8. Its the petrol Paul Picking her up on Sunday from the garage - Finance deal and contract signed, insurance cover note to be sent over to the garage and should be driving around by Sunday...... fingers crossed !!!
  9. nice pics - just like mine that Im picking up on Sunday - you have made me more and more excited now!
  10. Actually mine wasn't from a Ford garage but a group that supplies Mitsabushi, BMW and Ford. Mine is from a person who part exchanged it for a brand new BMW. So the impression Im getting from the spec (full leather interior and the pedals) is that its an ex showroom model. Cant wait to pick it up soon, should know later this week what day!!! HAPPY DAYS! :)
  11. Hey Guys and Girls I am brand new to the forum and I am having my 09 plate black Zetec S delivered next week at some point (once my finance documents are sorted!) Pictures of my car are below. Check out the lush leather interior! My Car