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  1. Focus Titanium X Usb Switches Back To Radio???

    Well I turned the Bluetooth off this morning before I got in the car... Played USB on way to work. Tried it a lunch and it stayed on USB... All the way home. Before I got in the car I turned Bluetooth back on, thinking it would switch off the USB and switch over to radio. But no... Stayed on USB... Will see what happens when I get in the car later. Confusing or what?!?!
  2. Focus Titanium X Usb Switches Back To Radio???

    Yeah I do have an iPhone connected via Bluetooth, but I'm pretty sure it's done it when the phone hasn't been in the car. Can't be 100% sure tho, trying to remember if it has or not. Car going in on the 5th Sept for a software update, just checked the net an it lools like iOS7 is released on the 10th, so if your theory is correct, one way or another it will get sorted over the next couple of weeks.
  3. Focus Titanium X Usb Switches Back To Radio???

    Just booked it in... Hopefully it will be sorted! ;-)
  4. Hi, I don't know if anyone can help me on this or if I need to take the car to the dealer to be looked at?... I bought my Titanium x last Saturday. I absolutely love it, only thing is, if I've been listening to music from the USB, then stop the car, even for 5 mins, the next time I start it up the USB plays for a few seconds and then flips back to radio and I have to manually reselect USB again... Which is a pain in the backside. Does anyone else's do this? Is it meant to do this, or does it need checking out with a dealer?? Cheers
  5. CD Drive Light

    Hi, I found the same thing with my Titanium. Got it sussed now though.... If theres no light on the cd drive, then you probably have a cd in the player. Try ejecting the cd and the light should come on... well mine does. Pretty useless feature. I guess its so you can see the hole when you want to put a CD in the slot, and once its in there you dont need to see the slot until you eject. ;)
  6. confused - please help

    My titanium is on an 08 plate too! It was a pre-release demonstrator and was a registered in Peterborough (AFO8 ***) to 'Ford demonstration fleet' before I got it. I bought it from a garage who buys directly from Ford, he had a couple of 08 plate Fiesta's in there. I was told at the garage that Ford let their managers use these cars for a couple of months and then change them (something to do with avaoiding being taxed on a company vehicles I think, but dont quote me) I'm not bothered though, the reg means nothing when they change them every six months. You buy a brand spanker and six months later its old :( I'm happy knowing I bought a spec'd up car with optional extras I've not had to pay for and a car with tiny mileage for a fraction of the cost of a brand spanker! ;) ;) ;)