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  1. Happy Birthday rjays!

  2. Hey Bigbob..thats the best idea you will have this year!!!....my regret was not finding this forum BEFORE i bought mine
  3. Hey Bob....Read all my other posts regarding a cvt diesel :o
  4. glad to be of assistance ;)
  5. Well i've finally sorted all my issues with this car...I've p/exd it for a peugeot 307 estate!! ..Let me offer all fellow C-Maxers MY DEEPEST CONDOLENCES....and good luck
  6. Hiya lucas...For what its worth.. i would not even contemplate buying a c-max if i were you...having had all the problems with mine..(read posts)...and seeing loads of posts on this forum, all describing similar and very costly faults...i can honestly say that the CMAX is the WORST car i have EVER owned...i am in the process of getting rid of it...I implore you not to waste your hard earned cash on this costly car and look elsewhere....I will never buy another Ford again...i just hope other participants on this site will back me up on my advice to you before you commit yourself
  7. hi trignflo...not sure if its just auto's...and i personally have not tried chipping
  8. Just as an update....Ive finally discovered when the problems arise...Its when the vehicle needs to change down a gear ( 7th to 6th 6th to 5th 5th to 4th etc) to accelerate whether im in auto or semi auto the problem appears....however to combat this i have now learned to get the revs up.. so in semi mode 1st gear 3000revs then change to 2nd bring the revs back up to 3000 and change to 3rd and so on until i reach 7th..i only change down once the rev counter falls below 2000.... this seems to work fine on mine with no problems at all...what its doing to the gearbox i have no idea but it works..am i just masking the true problem or what?...by the way if the car (in auto mode) changes down a gear to slow down at a junction for example theres no problem.. just when it changes down to accelerate to overtake or going up a steep hill...is this the same as anyone elses?
  9. Hi Rich...What are you trying to say?....your'e not insinuating that theres dodgy goings on in the motor trade spares/repairs departments are you ;) i can't beleive that !!
  10. Cheers for the response stef...To be honest i did'nt clean the adjoining pipes..just the EGR Valve ( you got me thinking now)....maybe thats not a bad idea..i will take another look as it needs to come off again anyway..and now i know how to access the valve it will only take 45mins!!! instead of 5hrs !! However i still feel a "NEW" one needs programming unless anyone else can advise otherwise
  11. Hi All...I had a diagnostic report carried out and it revealed code P0404 "EGR Circuit range/performance problem"...I presume this means my EGR Valve is knackered !..As you all know, if i take it to a ford dealer it will cost the best part of £350!..I have removed the Valve (it was really sooted up) and cleaned it thouroughly and connected it back up....but the code is still there...Can someone advise me if i obtain a new one and fit it myself, 1. Do i need to go back to Ford and have it collaberated? ( god knows what they charge for that ) as ive heard on the grapevine that replacing the original one is ok, but a new one needs re programming 2. can any garage collaberate it? or 3. does the vehicle pick up the new EGR Valve and "re-set" itself... Many thanks Rob.
  12. Richard...your a star...thanks a ton
  13. Hi again all...Can anybody tell me how to check the automatic transmission fluid level on cmax Tdi auto zetec...wheres the dipstick!! ??...Bring back the old granada, far less troublesome !!
  14. hiya sierragls...i have a 1.6 diesel auto 2004
  15. Hiya...for what its worth..my c-max was showing between 32-35mpg...what i did was to disconnect the battery for 15 mins..(if you see my other post on ford c-max i thought it may do something!!)....after all when your home pc freezes you disconnect it from the mains and "hey presto" it works fine again..anyway i disconnected the battery and next time i drove the mpg rose dramatically....it now does at least 51.5 and the highest ive had is 59.6....this is "normal" driving not long motorway driving,as regards to the other issues with the car..there is no improvement....but give it a go...it wont cost anything...but make sure you have the audio codes!!...hope this helps...Rob