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  1. I'm having this issue too on my iPhone 4s. I have never had the software updated in the Fiesta though, so I imagine this might be the problem? When it does work, I don't see track names??
  2. Thanks, so I do I need to keep the 195 the same, potentially get 14" steels and then try get as close as poss to 2.5%?
  3. I'm considering swapping the alloys for steel wheels this winter after I bust two alloys £300 last year, and fitting winter tyres. I understand that I can't swap 15" alloys for 15" steels without affecting the speedo or something. I don't really understand this, can somebody explain in layman's terms what I need to do? Ta, Dan
  4. I find mine rather fun to drive, certainly not unstable.
  5. I use neat screenwash in my cars and I've never had either paint or blades 'melt'... In temperatures like these if you're diluting the screenwash down that's almost certainly why it's freezing. The cheaper concentrated screenwash products such as ASDA/TESCO/Halfords own brand only tend to work down to -4, if you dilute it then it's fairly pointless. If you use the more expensive brands they'll work down to -15/-20 if they're not diluted down, but since temperatures have been hitting below those in the UK, it's hit -13 here fairly regularly over the last few weeks then it'll freeze with water in.
  6. I put a bit of meths in the washer bottle and pure screenwash. Mine haven't frozen up since I did that :D
  7. Have you tried pairing through the car menu, rather than through the phone menu? Dan
  8. It's only a problem in the snow :)
  9. When we went a few weeks ago I just stuck them on. The police don't check they're in the right place, just that they're on there. :) I couldn't find a guide anywhere that told you where to put them for the fiesta, so just wanted to cover my !Removed!.
  10. I think what you need to remember is that if people have a problem with their car the first place they're going to come is here for advice and support. If they don't have a problem they're likely to be out driving it. I love my fiesta, I've had one or two problems but they aren't major. It isn't as much fun to drive as the golf, and the build quality is nowhere near the same, but then it's a much cheaper car and in a completely different class. Give it a go :)
  11. Know it well - spent most of my lunchtimes when I was in sixth form playing pool there... :)
  12. Where abouts in Yarm you live? I grew up there :-"
  13. You've put a bit of a dent in the front of the car haven't you :D I think it would look good with just the black and green stripes down the side of the car and ditch the front ones completely.
  14. Def worth it :)
  15. The pictures are a little small to tell :P