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  1. Ford 6000cd Problem

    Hi Guy's First Post so be gentle I have a 2005 Focus with a 6000cd stereo in it. It's the one with the Volume in the middle and an Outside silver ring for adjusting the volume and a CDDJ button that is actually a AUX button (I think they tried to mimic my original stereo as they now look identical). Like this (not my stereo borrowed this image from a mondeo site) My problem is i can't get the clock to stay on when the radio is off and i can't turn the RDS off and set the clock myself (Cause it's screwed it said it was 2057 today!!) This stereo is not the original one as it was replaced by The Car People when they blew up the original. Tried for and they don't want to know as its not the correct Stereo for the car. This is not a big problem as i usually have my watch and is more of an annoyance. I don't really want to change the stereo as i like the Aux lead. I have tried the manual's but can't seem to get anywhere. Any Ideas? Cheers Lee