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  1. Ford Y Cable

    I have been wondering why my ipod wont play. I am going to order one of these tomorrow.... Mant thanks
  2. Hi Folks

    Hi Everyone.... Just thouht I would say hello. Newby here recently purchased a 2009 Ford Focus Titanium, which so far I love to bits, after having many years worth of performance cars ,its a great smooth runner with amazing running costs. Anyway enough rambling Stu
  3. ipod via usb connection

    Hi Folks I have a 2009 Ford Focus titanium, within the arm rest compartment there is a USB port and an ipod holder. I thought this this would be straight forward allowing me to play my ipod, however when I plug in my ipod there is no sound. The ipod registers with the audio unit giving me a display including artists, plalists, albums etc, and I can even start to play songs, but I get no sound. Everything seems to be working apart from the sound I have tried various ipods and ipod USB leads in case there was a faulty connection, with no joy. Can anyone shed some light on this problem or point me in the right direction. ;) Many Thanks Stuart