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  1. Steering Rack Boot Size

    Hello there, does anyone know if a focus mk1 steering rack boot fit a mk2. I know that the mk1 size is 13mm-47mm, i dont know the mk2 size!!! Thanks for any info Cheers
  2. Steering Rack Boot/gaiter

    Hi there, i need to buy a steering rack boot/gaiter for a 05 focus mk2. Right now me and the car are in Finland and they want 90euro for the boots :( "expensive country" Does anyone have any idea if there is anyone selling them on the web etc in the Uk. I have done a google search, but so far no luck. Thanks for any help/info Cheers
  3. Replacing Tie Rod End Boots With Or With Out Grease

    Its not the CV boots, its the boots which fit over the steering arm
  4. Replacing Tie Rod End Boots With Or With Out Grease

    Thanks for the replay. The tie rod end rubber is fine, its the big rubber boot/dust cover which goes over the steering arm. When i checked it, it looked very dry (grease free) so i am not 100% sure to grease it when i put the new boot on or leave it grease free!!! Thanks for any advice Regards
  5. Hi there, i have a 05 Focus mk2 with a broken steering arm/tie-rod-end boot. I have put some grease on the exposed steering arm until i have time to replace it (is greasing the steering arm a good thing or bad thing to do?) and is the best way to replace the boot, is to loosen the lock nut and unscrew the tie rod end all the way until its un-threaded and then pull the old boot off and the replace it. Do i grease the new boot or are they just dust covers? Thanks for any info Regards Steve
  6. Diy Full Service

    Hi there, i have a 05 MK11 Focus 1.6L (99hp petrol model) which has about 40,000m on it. I want to do a full service but i dont have a Ford service book so i was just wondering if anyone here knows what i should replace/service or check! I will do the normal stuff, oil and filter, air filter, check all fluids, wheel bearings, bushes, brake wear etc, is there anything else to add to the list!!! and is is recommended to change the plugs, brake fluid, engine coolant, PCV valve yet? Best Regards Steve
  7. socket size for a oil drain plug

    Thanks for the info :)
  8. What oil recommendations for a 05 Focus MK2 1.6l

    Thanks for the replay
  9. Hi i can get a good deal with some Shell oil brands (Shell Helix, Synthetic Ultra 5w-40) Is this oil ok for the car because i think it should be 5w-30. Does it make a big difference!!! or seeing Shell oils are great quilty it should be fine Thanks for any info BR Steve
  10. socket size for a oil drain plug

    Hi, can anyone tell me the socket size i need to remove the oil drain plug on a 05 focus mk2 1.6l. Thanks
  11. Hi there. I got a Focus 2006 Mk2 1.6 with 20,000miles. I seem to have some sort of knocking noise when i let the clutch out a little to quick when pulling away in first gear. It also seems to happen when i go from 1st to 2nd. If i let the clutch out really slowly, the knock seems not to be there. Could it be engine/gearboxs mounts!!! Thanks for any info or help BR Steve