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  1. I have Mondeo 2.0 TDCI 130 HP , I noticed that I have 3 injectors from Ford Transit - part no: 501Z, should be 201Z - are they the same ? EDIT: sorted - 501Z was fitted in MOndeo TDCI as well.
  2. It is colder now ;) 22 MPG it is not so bad for V6 mate.My Passat 2.0 petrol was 25 MPG
  3. It looks like Turbo problems not Injectors.Check intercooler pipe there is no leaks. Usualy if injectors are knackedr you will see "spring" led flashing.
  4. There is no illumination mate - evrything is ok.
  5. To be honest I have no idea where - I don't know good places for our meeting. But tell me when and where and I'm in.
  6. Ok my injectors are replaced, but I have another problem. On the cold start engine is twitching (shaking) and there is white/grey stinky smoke - it hapends only after night. When colder outside than worse, I notice that one of the injector seals if leaking, so I'll replace it ASAP. What could be wrong?
  7. If u will buy new injectors the codes are on it. Ford recommended replacing all 4 ijectors rather than 1, but it is up to u, u can replace one of them.
  8. Petrol less problems , but diesel has better performance. Parts for diesels e g. injectors, diesel pump, turbo etc are very, very expensive - it is up to u. If u can get diesel with low milage thats fine, if more than 70k better give up.
  9. Just go to Ford garage they will check that for you.It will cost you about £60 and they will tell you what is wrong.
  10. I already spoke with Trade and Standards - they adviced me to send a letter to the seller, that I'm rejecting this car because of seriuos fault and I'm not happy witth quality of this car, and asking for full refund.
  11. Try to replace pump sensor- brown plug on the pump
  12. You have to reconditon them, cleaning is pointless IMO.
  13. Welcome everyone. I've bought Mondeo TDCI 130HP 04 plate and unfortunately 3 injectors are knackerd. I bought it from garage so it is under 1 month warranty but seller want to put second hand ones instead, btw first he want to reprogmaing them.As I know he won't do eneythig with this and will give me not fixed car. Do enybody know good place for buying reconditioned injectors within the UK?