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  1. TDDI air lock or rad knackered

    [engine running fine but it really cold weather at the moment
  2. Embarrassed to ask...but need help

    i believe the old 8v diesel engines have a "cold start relay" these are prone to packing up they normally advance the fuel pump by a few degrees to aid starting worth a check m8? phil
  3. following my post about it using water i have had it tested it not head gasket, leaking,waterpump or thermostat but when engine at full opperating temp the rad is stone cold, anyone had this before?
  4. glow plug light

    oh cool, its not flashing just comes back on for a sec just after the engine has started
  5. glow plug light

    why has the glow plug light started to come back on just after starting the car? ignition on wait for light to go out start and light comes back on for 2 seconds or so
  6. TDDI using water

    The wells are dry to touch have'nt lifted carpet but have had a matrix go in a fiesta before and it was soaked . the matrix was one of the first things i looked at cheers phil
  7. TDDI using water

    Hi there all my 51 reg mondeo tddi 115ps had a fit just over a week ago temp went in the red when i stopped the engine was'nt hot!! when i got home checked the coolant and there was very little or none in it. topped her up and she ran fine but checked the coolant level today an the tank was empty again i can't see any leaks oil looks fine anyone come across this before? phil