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    Hello, I am a new member on this forum. My name is Hellen and I am from the Netherlands. I drive a Ford StreetKA for 1 year. Its a First Edition 2003 panther black. In the Netherlands there are about 300 of them so that is very little. The chance to run into someone with the same car isn't that big. So when I found this forum I was so happy !! At the moment we are busy to do some mods on the car. So far we had a new bonnet, new mirrors, new winklights, new interior lights, new spoiler on the back, some new logo's and awaiting to paint the interior leathers. A lot to do but fun ! I have some pictures all ready of the old situation, in time all the mods I gonna show to you all. The new bonnet, we got it in England this week Also in England (Skegness)