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  1. Same.... I have ipod touch and my daughters nano, downloaded the latest updates, they both work for about a minute. Then the same old error message appears on the car computer. This is now starting to do my head in. I can't control the ipod through the steering wheel, apart from volume control.
  2. I have taken the car back to Ford, 4 times. Don't seem to know what they are doing? I have a nano quite old and have a ipod touch brand new. Both still fail after a short amount of time. I have reset the older nano back to factory settings and still the same problems. The weird thing is the ipod still charges after it fails? On longer journeys now I use an adaptor from maplins in the aux socket, which always works. And reconnect the y cable to recharge the battery in the ipods. :(
  3. I've had a chat with a guy at PC World. He thinks it's a possible radio code problem. So I'll have to take the car up to the dealer. :(
  4. Hi all. Slight problem when connecting my Ipod through the car computer through the USB? I connect my Ipod and all works well for about 5 minutes. The message Ipod not initialized will come up and I'm unable to use the steering wheel controls. I then unplug the USB, and reconnect, exactly the same occurs. Any ideas?
  5. Help I also have a simular problem. I connect my Ipod nano with the Y cable, and all works well for about 5 minutes. Then I'm unable to use the in car computer with error message unable to initialize? I then unplug the USB, reconnect, the Ipod then initializes and the same thing occurs? Any ideas???????????????