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  1. Bluetooth

    mine is the same its a pain but the only work round is switch your phone off before you start the car then switch on and it works for me
  2. streetka interior door handle

    cheers guys i gonna take it to a little old man down the road he has a fetish for seeing whats wrong then scours the scrap yards for the bits and he is good my last service cost me parts plus fish and chips a can of pop for his dinner and 50 grams of golden virginia oh and a mars bar for his dog
  3. streetka interior door handle

    yep it has C/Locking outside handle is fine
  4. help tonight i went to get out of my car and the handle was stiff so i pulled a bit harder and twang its now moving freely but it wont open the door i have to open the window to get out any suggestions ? pleaseeeeeeeeee