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  1. Petrol in a Deisel

    Too right mate! Got the car back last night and went straight to the petrol station (Sainsburys this time, not trusting those Tescos fellas this time :P )... you should have seen how many times I looked at the pump - must've looked like a right nutjob! Then in the queue I started getting all paranoid that I'd done it again - relief when she said £50 diesel!!!!! According to the garage, "looks like some gypos have nicked some fuel from 'ere before" (said in a thick west country accent!)... there was a hole with a self tapping screw in the bottom of the tank. Wish I had seen that before I took it to the garage - could've drained it myself.
  2. Petrol in a Deisel

    Ok, I admit it... it was me. Actually, I could blame the government before I admit it.... how does that one sound, it was the governments fault!! Off to the garage to collect her now - £80 bill + all the fuel I put in before - £130 is a costly mistake that the wife, Tescos, the government, or indeed I won't be making again!!
  3. Petrol in a Deisel

    Yeah, it's turning out to be an expensive lesson! Personally I blame Tescos... they had written a message on the pump, I was busy reading that rather than looking at which pump i had in my hand! The worst thing about it is I was on my way to my Mums for a slap up Sunday roast, which I missed out on. Got a call from the garage last night - he said they got it started, and all they need to do is change drain the tank, flush the lines, and change the fuel filter. Said he'd do it for £80... that seems cheap, is it a good price? In case "my wife" does this again, is there an easy way to drain the tank?
  4. Petrol in a Deisel

    Yeah, already got the sore ear when I did it!! As well as the humiliating call to the garage to say I did something usually reserved for old or stupid people!! It just konked out on me on the way to the garage. They had to come tow me. It had about a quarter of a tank, then the 15l of petrol, then filled to the top with diesel.
  5. Petrol in a Deisel

    Hi, My wife has put about 15 litres of unleaded in my 51 plate 1.8 TDi Focus. then driven for about 3 miles. I tried syphoning it out, but there seems to be something to stop me doing this. I have filled right up with diesel, and added a shot of Redex Diesel. Seems to be running ok now (got me me to work at least). What are the potential problems I will have, how can I solve them, and how much damage is likely to have been done? Thanks, Chris.