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  1. They were stuck down. I was going to use silicon but thought they might peel off at 80mph! I'll have a look at tiger seal. Thanks.
  2. I took the roof gutter trim off to fit roof bars. I have to give the car back in a couple of weeks (was a company car). What product (glue/sealant etc) should I use to reaffix the trim strips back down?
  3. 59 Plate Fiesta Roof Bars

    I bought them 6 months ago and have only just needed to fit them so the seller is long gone.. I just took the step and pulled them off. I took care and used a plastic card to break the seal so as not to bend them. There is a lot of gunk/paint under them!!! I then had to dig out the holes! The trim came off in one piece - no kinks or damage, so I will just leave the car without and stick them back down covering the holes when I give it back (it's a company car) So all is good. Bars are on. Trim is stored for refitting later. Company will never know. Thanks all.
  4. 59 Plate Fiesta Roof Bars

    Hi, I bought a second hand roof rack. What I didn't realize is that you have to remove the roof trim to fit. The kit usually comes with replacement trim (with gaps for bars). Because I bought it second hand I didnt get this trim. Does anyone know where I can get this trim from? If ford are the only people, does anyone know part numbers or price? Thanks in advance. Jon.