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  1. First post, please be gentle!!! Hello. I have in my possesion a Ford Cougar, T registered, silver, 200,000 miles. lucky me, you might say. Any way it's an automatic but the transmission is shot, the car does still move, sometimes! The engine sounds amazing but there is an oil leak (crank seal I think (I 'aint no mechanic though!)) The car is complete with no damage apart from a chipped windscreen. There is very little wear on the interior considering the mileage, it's surprising, I have a Vectra (sshhh, dont tell any-one) thats done half the mileage, but the interior has'nt stood up half as well. I did try to register on, my account is still inactive after about a week, so here I am. Any way, what should I do with the car, sell it as it is, strip it for parts, fix it? If I repair it, will an engine and transmision from a mondeo v6 fit?? What do you people think the car is worth now and back on the road?? Thank's in anticipation.