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  1. Ford also stated that USB hubs cannot be used. I've also been looking into this, as i would be charging an iPhone via USB and would want a USB slot for my pen drive. If you're only using the usb to charge, you could probably wire in another usb adapter into the 12v power adapter, or even the back of the current usb you have.
  2. Check my reply out :)
  3. A note on the iPhone if you have bluetooth and no USB. If you are using your iPhone to play music via the stereo, and are fed up with having to click to change to headphones rather than bluetooth, i've found a simple way. Basically all you have to do wait until the phone has synced up with the cars bluetooth, and then it starts playing music (but you cant hear it as you dont have usb - and A2DP doesnt work unless you have the usb) so when its playing then just plug in your 3.5mm Jack in and the iPhone changes the output to that rather than the bluetooth. My guess is that this will also work with the Dock Connector Hope thats of some help and makes sense.
  4. Yep, i did see it, but kind of defeats the fact i cant control the iphone from the stereo. And the reason i want the usb is so i can have a external hard drive connected to it in the secret hole. Anyway, maybe when im bored and have some time i will just get it sorted.
  5. Good god people. who cares. If we want to retro fit usb then let us post about it.. its not affecting you in anyway, so if you dont have any useful suggestions why bother. And Keith i had to retro fit because i bought my car out of the show room. it was wait 3 months forth the car, or take this one tomorrow. Only thing i would have been waiting for would have been the usb, other than that the car is how i would have ordered it. I dont even want to be involved with this argument. So has anyone made any progress on retro fitting the usb.. well any further than what i got, i havent been interested in it for a while as i now spend my weekends mountain biking.
  6. I think the forum is broken down enough.. Dont think it really needs to be broken down into which model Fiesta you have.. What next, Styles? Plus, everyone knows everyone in here, pretty much.
  7. I cant believe you're all picking on Flic... Poor girl. Im still thinking about coming, depends if the car is fixed by sunday, hopefully will be. Would be good to see a fair few fiestas all parked together.
  8. the part is under warranty, thus i am entitled to take the car to ford and say its not working.
  9. Yeah.. i know.. they said theyd only do one side, not both front or both back (weird). The other two are getting done in the week. and wont be using the car until Wednesday anyway, so the tyres aren't going to get worn.
  10. Im not sure on the mixing at all. currently have 2 Eagle F1 GSD3's on the drivers side. And the bog standard hankooks on the passenger side, but this will only be until wednesday. They didnt have 4 in for me to get fitted, and cant get in till wednesday as ford have my car tomorrow for a 4 wheel alignment. Car does feel grippier already, even with the two on at the moment, but i guess most decent tyres will feel better than the hankooks.
  11. Looks good, a lot brighter than my red LED lights in mine. I have the ambient lighting in mine and the footwells are just wired into the courtesy lighting. So the footwell light go off rather than stay on with the ambient lights
  12. Sorry all... by me saying "how do you find them" i mean how do you find driving with them. And yeah, i know all 4 have to be changed..
  13. Yep yep.. thats what i mean
  14. Suppose i should pick back up on this.. have had a break from it for a while.. Im going go down the route of "Yeah, its stopped working" but in another dealers. Considering the new BT mod is under my warranty.
  15. Has anyone got directional tyres? and how do you find them?