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  1. It is a very willing engine and what you have said is very encouraging! :) I have joined Peugot Forums and my username is webby. See you there! Adios all...
  2. I haven't been to that site - I've joined the 207 owners club at - but I will check it out. Thanks John.
  3. Leaving it till this evening before I fade away so I can respond to your comment about "OK until they go wrong"; I was influenced by the sheer number of Peugeot's on the road so not everyone believes that remark. I would accept that the hot hatches may blow up occasionally due to over-enthusiastic thrashing but I'm sure that Pierre can make cars (almost) as good as Otto and Hans. At least, that's what I hope!!! :)
  4. An "08" plate Peugeot 207 SW. Smaller but still gives me the load space I need.
  5. As the title says, I'm leaving the FOC and I just wanted to thank everyone for the help I've received and for the information I've got from the forum in general. Why did I get rid of the Focus? 1. It was too big for my needs really. I needed a load space that would take my fishing tackle and the estate did this ok but I always felt that the generous cabin space made the car too big and too heavy with a knock-on affect to the performance and fuel consumption. Now, if Ford made a Fiesta estate... 2. The frequent need to buy replacement wheel caps - the blue oval centre disc must have been stuck on with flour paste I think. 3. Hard to clean allow wheels. Ghia owners will know what I mean. 4. The seats attracted dust something rotten. Perhaps the fabric they used was not an anti-static variety? 5. Poor kickdown. It was like bad turbo lag without the turbo. 6. I fancied a change. Apart from the above, it was a fine car. Cheerio.
  6. Bulbs fitted and working straight away in my '06 Ghia.
  7. In a similar vein, I put some Redex in my (petrol) car over two tankfuls of Shell fuel. According to the onboard computer I am getting better mpg but that's probably due to warmer weather and longer trips of late. The car does feel nipper but as I keep testing how nippier it is its not doing my fuel consumption much good. The Redex cost me £4.49, I think.
  8. I had a similar problem on a different make/model many years ago. As I recall the problem was the disc pads "jumping" up and down in the caliper. Problem solved by replacing the sprung steel clip which prevets up/down movement. I'd suggest going along to Kwik Fit, or similar, as they must have lots of these clips around the place.
  9. If the wiper blade sits flat at the bottom of the windscreen but wipes "off" the screen then perhaps the wiper blade is too long. Measure your blade and compare it to that on another focus.
  10. Insurance group 17 seems very high to me.
  11. I had a similar problem on a Rover 400 - it turned out to be the thermostat housing that was the culprit. It had earlier passed an AA roadside pressure check for leaks but fortunately a garage found the solution.
  12. Thanks for your replies.
  13. Does an '06 engine count as "current"? Ian
  14. The topic title says it all really. Does my Duratec 2.0 petrol engine have a belt or a chain? Thanks.
  15. <Touch wood> My car doesn't clunk but I wonder if it's because I have to back out of my parking space; perhaps if I drove forward...?