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  1. Hi, Had the pedal box and clutch cable replaced a couple of years ago on a 1.8 93 Fiesta diesel but the symptoms have returned. Occasionally when pressing the clutch it's as if a protection feature kicks in to prevent strain on the clutch cable - the pedal suddenly gives way and a ratchet type sound is heard when you release it. It doesn't seem to be getting worse but why would it return after less than 2 years? Is it a sign of a bigger issue? The main cost last time was the labour so is it not a diy fix? Thanks
  2. Thanks, I'd thought of 1. and pressing the clutch makes no difference. I am guessing 45 mph is a resonant frequency spot for something vibrating. It's weird as the car drives normally other than this noise. I'll try No.2 to see what happens.
  3. Thanks for the advice. All tyres were changed this year at the same time and are the same as before, i.e. Michelins. I don't remember if the wheels were balanced but I don't get any vibration at all just the booming resonant noise. I had a wheel bearing go once before and it was much more high pitched so I am leaning towards a transmission noise now.
  4. Hi, I borrowed my wife's 93 Fiesta 1.8 diesel which she's had from new. At about 45 mph a sort of booming resonant noise appears and goes once past 50 mph. It comes back again around 65 mph but not as loud. The noise is different to a wheel bearing and the car drives normally apart from this. The noise is difficult to pinpoint but I think it is from the front. Can anyone suggest any cause, could it be a transmission noise? If you drive locally ie 30 mph zones you wouldn't hear any noise at all. Thanks.