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  1. Problem Start my Focus! - 1.8TDCi 02

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the replies! For an update: As mentioned, the issue started on Saturday, tried it Sunday night and monday morning and it didn't work. Tried it again Monday night and it started.. small amount of smoke from the exhaust, but didn't even stutter. I have been driving it again all week (to and from work... no short stops that would normally cause the problem). Always starts straight away. I had the filters and oil changed last november as part of a service, however the issue has been around for the past 2 years over which time it seems to behave itself provided i do a journey that is long enough to warm the engine. The car has done 65K and hasn't had any issues in the service history. Prior to me getting it, it had been religously serviced at a ford garage and is complete with official stamps. Although i didn't get chance to try my spare key, i know i have done this before during another time it wouldn't start and it made no difference. Not that this would remove a possibility of an issue with the immobilser, i'm assuming it would make less likely? Also, the issue always occurs when i stop the car after a very short journey... Unfortunatly i don't have anyway to look at the fault codes...
  2. Problem Start my Focus! - 1.8TDCi 02

    Well i've managed to live with the problem over the past year and a half, but i had to take the bus to work today as it re-immerged over the weekend. I'm not trying to understand how to fix the issue once and for all and stop pandering to the car and it's unusual characteristics! Over the past year, whilst having had the same issue, it hasn't been so bad. After the previous trip to the garage in Nov 09 i have always assumed that it is due to the lifters getting blocked and not letting the oil drain out and therefore not allowing the correct clearance to be achieved on the valves... To combat this i always make sure that the engine temperature has been up to temperature before turning off the engine... so far it seems to have worked... It always starts first time when left over night / having previously been run until warm.. not even a splutter before it starts... However i must have gotten cocky over the weekend as i moved my car a few feet and turned it off... and now it won't restart (i have tried on Sunday evening, and then again this morning). It has exactly the same symptoms as before, ie the engine cranks but doesn't catch and fire up. I don't think it is the immobiliser as i've tried to start it over the past few months with the immobilser accidenently on and the sound is slightly different (this has always been fixed straight away with locking and unlocking the car).. As in my previous posts from 09, the garage i took it to looked it over and all was fine... they put in the lift cleaner and all was good from there... over time i guess the dirt builds up and causes this issue. I have always made sure the correct oil is used when having done an oil change since as have heard the TDCI engines are particular about the grade of oil... I had always hoped to beat the re-appearance of this problem by regular oil flushes / changes, however this time it has caught me out... Are there any other suggestions as to the cause, or ways to erradicate this issue for good assuming that i'm correct in where the problem lies (other then buying a new car?) Annoyingly without this fault i like the car and runs like a dream..
  3. Problem Start my Focus! - 1.8TDCi 02

    FYI The garage I took it too got a guy out to do a diagnostic check which showed a crank shaft sensor problem... I had this replaced but it didn't completely fix the problem... I then took it to a diesel injection specialist who checked it out. There was nothing wrong with the plugs or pumps etc. They said it was most likely the hydraulic lifters locking due to a build up of dirt in the oil and said the symptoms I've been having suggest the problem also. They put some cleaner in which seems to have done the trick...so far. They advised changing the oil in a few days and getting it flushed to get rid of the hydraulic cleaner... Fingers crossed this is the end of it..
  4. Problem Start my Focus! - 1.8TDCi 02

    Well I finally caved and called out the breakdown guy as it wasn't starting. He ended up spraying some "easy start" into the air filter, which didn't seem to work at first... I then suggested the imobilser may be malfuctioning and I double liked the car... After this the engine spluttered into life... He thinks that it was fuel starvation.. It's not in the garage having a full diagnostic check... Fingers crossed it will show something however the garage guy seems pretty keen on the idea of the fuel pump being knackered which is an expensive job! The fiasco continues...
  5. Problem Start my Focus! - 1.8TDCi 02

    thanks for the tips! I'm not the most mechanical person so will pass the message onto the garage when I finally get round to takin it in again... I'm currently sitting in a car park having the same problem, just wanting the usual 10-15 mins for it to start working again... Fingers crossed the damn thing starts... Now it's happening I can confirm the engine is actually turning over but dies immediatly... This is so frustrating!!!
  6. Problem Start my Focus! - 1.8TDCi 02

    Thanks for the ideas... though i don't think it's a battery problem... I took it into the garage about a 3 weeks ago for an MOT and they guy had a quick look and plugged in the computer and said there were no error codes showing and he couldn't see a problem as the car kept starting fine for him... even after purposely stalling it... grr Since then i have been careful not to stall and has been running fine, however i have the noticed the starting problem seems to be coming on even when i don't stall the car... It has happened twice in the last 2 weeks in that i have started the car in the morning (with no problems) then stopped for petrol shortly afterwards... when trying the start the car it won't start... it tries to go but won't turn over. After about 10 - 15 mins it seems to start fine and continues to run with no apparent problems... When it doesn't start i try it a few times, holding the ignition on for about 5 seconds or so... but nothing happens (well it keeps trying to turn over, but doesn't manage it). Once i noticed that as i turned the key back to the off position after doing this, the coil light started flashing for about 1 - 2 seconds and then went off... and hasn't come back on since... Has anyone got any more ideas? I could do with servicing it in the next 4 weeks or so and could ask the garage to have a look at replacing any of the parts that could be causing in this problem...
  7. Problem Start my Focus! - 1.8TDCi 02

    Thanks for the idea, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to make make any difference. I just tried it again this morning and it didn't start. Even holding the ignition down for about 10 seconds all you can here is the stater motor trying to turn the engine over but the engine won't keep going. I'm starting to think that the fuel pump isn't working... though i suppose there could be numerous problems with it... Any other ideas?
  8. I'm having this problem at the moment that when i stall my car (which isn't very often) i can't start it agin for about 10 - 15 mins... The engine is turns over in the normal way, but before gaining an momentum and becomes self sustaining just dies... Has anyone got any ideas to what could be the problem? (btw it's a Ghia if it makes any difference)