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  1. Happy Birthday Automech!

  2. Focus 1.6 Zetec SE Crankshaft Pulley Removal

    Thanks for that Dezwez, I'll try that before anything else, but was that method ok for retightening the nut bearing in mind that there is no key on the shaft?
  3. :( I need to remove the pulley to change the timing belt and I have the correct setting tools. The problem is that the pulley is not the usual one which has cut-outs to use a holding bar. Instead the engine has a double pulley with no slots or bolt holes. I suspect that there is a holding pin which fits in the timing pin hole. Does anyone know if this is so, how to use it, a part number for it, or any other suggestion for removing the pulley, such as removing the starter motor. Because I am working alone I do not want to try holding the flywheel while slackening/tightening the pulley nut. The car is on an 54 plate.