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  1. Y-reg 2.0 TDCi Just had a look at my mates Mondeo as he's losing power steering fluid. It 'appears' that it's leaking from the pump, from the join between the two halves of the casing, on the underside of the pump. Is there a common fault with either the gasket failing, or the casing cracking there? Hope someone can narrow down the cause before i get up to my elbows in PAS fluid! (nice!?) Many thanks. Marv.
  2. Knocking noise (leaf springs)

    Hiya, is your van lowered? Changes what it could be.
  3. Siezed spark plug

    Hi, it's fairly commonish on some Ford engines. I've had to snap all the plugs off, turn the engine over to blow the centres out, stuff the holes with bits of rag, drill down almost to the seat, tap a big screwdriver in and wind the remnants out!! Took several hours, and was NOT a fun job! I certainly don't want to have to do it again! If Ford can do it for sensible money, save yourself a lot of grief and get them to do it. Be cool. Marv.
  4. ST170 paint codes.

    Aha!! Thanx. Just gota find da stuff at a sensible price now!?
  5. ST170 paint codes.

    Hiya all, Can anyone tell me a paint code for Perfomance Blue Metallic? I've seen it on 2004 Focus ST170s. Looks very similar to Imperial Blue. Would also like to know the paint code for the standard alloys on the same model. Hope someone can help. Many thanks. Be cool. Marv.
  6. Many new parts to come!