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  1. New Tyres

    Yes another tyre thread!!! I am looking to replace the front tyres which at the moment are Michelin 225/50 R17 98W Primacy HP. which are expensive. I dont want to go too cheap but,like most I am not happy with the cost/wear of the Michelin's Can I have new on front and not on back? I have done this on other vehicles without problem. Your help would be most welcome. 2009 TDCI titanium
  2. Glow plug light

    That's the problem, the coil does not appear like the rest of the Ford cars I have owned. I thought they might have introduced a new gimmick ie the glow plugs only heat when required by ambient temp. thus the light only appears when needed. Help!!!!!!!! Bill
  3. Glow plug light

    Can someone tell me where the above should be or does it only come on when it's really cold? Bill (2009 TDCI )
  4. Hello. Had a similar problem with a 2003 Mondeo with water entering from the drivers door. There is a plastic "membrane" inside to protect the inside panel; this was damaged thus letting water in. If this has not been changed on other models this could be the problem. Ford put the matter right with no charge. You could be unlucky and have front and rear doors leaking. Bill