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  1. Hi peeps, Need help ASAP please, I am in a competition and need votes, lots of votes to win some much-needed computer gear! I am short, only by about 500 votes, so if 500 or more of you can vote for me in the next 24 hours please, it would be really really handy. And help me win also. I know Ford owners help each other out, so I thank you in advance! ;) Just click the link, and click vote on my video. Its that easy!
  2. Hi I am not a new chap, been on here some time, just use the site for info for my Nissan Terrano...... For all you out there screaming at me this is a Ford site, I know, Ford brought the car from Nissan and called it a Maverick... I just paid the extra for the Nissan badge... So I would like to say hi, follow me on twitter Formula1Dragon just google it, you will find all the pages are about me B) Which is rather cool as the name has become a commodity, I have my own forum, for formula 1, and my own shop for Dragon gear. However this site has been good to me, brilliant free advice from the Mavericks, not the band, the car owners and even though I have a Nissan it is great to be part of the club... Thanks for saying hello, oh BTW just got married... :D So hope to chat to some of your soon, if you want to go offroad driving with me let me know. B) Kirk AKA @Formula1Dragon
  3. From the album Dragon

    A very nice 2.7 TD with intercooler and no worrying about timing chains or belts breaking, using the same engine as a black taxi, with a few performance tweaks from Nissan make this one of the most reliable diesel engines ever built... Why buy anything else? :P

    © Formula1Dragon

  4. From the album Dragon

    Looking good.

    © Formula1Dragon

  5. From the album Dragon

    More stylish and I do love this motor...

    © Formula1Dragon

  6. From the album Dragon

    Small Dragons added on front bumper...

    © Formula1Dragon

  7. From the album Dragon

    I love Dragons and this car is like a Dragon, the power and strength of the motor is fantastic, how many 4x4's do you know that can do 120mph as standard!!!

    © Formula1Dragon

  8. From the album Dragon

    © Formula1Dragon

  9. From the album Dragon

    This is what these 4x4's do best, I have to say if I do decide to give it a 2" lift, this will be better than a defender any day. So much more power shorter wheel base and climbs anything. Even as it is I have driven byways that people told me I would not make, and have proved them wrong... :P

    © Formula1Dragon

  10. From the album Dragon

    Just in the mountains

    © Formula1Dragon

  11. From the album Dragon

    I have been enjoying off road driving now for many years, however I must admit, when I sold my Land Rover, due to being to expensive to run. All the repair bills had got the best of me, my good friend the Big Pimp, told me to go Nissan.. This little truck, also known as the Ford Maverick, really is the most reliable car I have ever owned. <br /><br />My last Nissan Terrano, a 94 plate, was stolen while parked in Lakeside. I was gutted, that car was in fantastic condition for the year, for a years running I only paid out £90 including a rear exhaust, which I still have, as I was going to fit it for the MOT that was due in August, however I now have my new motor, again very lucky to get such a great condition motor...<br /><br />My L reg cost me £1495 which was a lot for an L plate, however it had full service history and was in fantastic condition....<br /><br />My R reg cost me £1300 with a years MOT, no service history, however after checking it over the motor has been well looked after and I am lucky to say is another great motor...

    © Formula1Dragon

  12. So I now have a ford fiesta!!!! lol anyway I have been sent a private message and cant view it any ideas!!! Or do you have to post loads on here before you can read them!!!!!