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  1. Happy Birthday beanaldo!

  2. Daytime Running Lights

    No my lights stayed on all the time that my engine was.
  3. Ford Fiesta St

    Hello Iv heard down the line that the new ST will be given a debut at Frankfurt motor show next month. Ford have said there will be 4 cars unveiled with the Ford Focus ST being one of them. This is all i can find online.....anybody elce find or know anymore?? My link
  4. Negative Feed On Theeee Lights

    The only way you can get around not putting your side lights on, would be by either placing the pos side stright through to the battery (probably via a resistor) or placing it on something from the fuse box, that becomes live when your engine is turned on and says live.
  5. My Lighting Obsession Continues...

    Nico I had a set of leds below my headlights like you (See pic below), but the leds started to fade. Mine were wired into my fuse box so they were on as soon as i started my car, through till i turned it off. I checked which connection to wire it to by placing a multimeter on the connecters. Then started my car and when the reading went up, followed by it goingstright back down then i wouldnt use that one as there wasnt constant power through it. i have a mk 6.5 zetec so the wiing may be diffrent.
  6. looks really nice in the daylight....not too sure on the swade though and black leather interior. maybe look into changing the colour of the dashboard so it fits in with the rest of the cars colour.
  7. i think the gear stick will look good.... if the engine start button works.
  8. Summer Driving Tunes

    That is definitely a CD i would recommend comming up to the summer holiday season =)
  9. Just Had An Accident With A Deer

    bad times...could of been worse, you could of hit it stright on
  10. What You Can Do With A Coin Holder

    hope it turns out well...looks really good with the paint on =)
  11. Debadging

    a friend of mine did it on his mk 6.5 st by using warm/hot water to remove the letters. then with the glue just ue wd40 and it comes stright off.
  12. Mk7 Fiesta With Oz Ultraleggeras

    cant say im a big fan of them.
  13. Mk7 Upgraded Headlights

    i was thinking of doing exacly the same thing (changing my bulbs to white). i picked some up from halfords but on the back they said for "off road use only". so i didnt get them...are any of yours the "for off use only" bulbs?
  14. What To Do To My 05 Zetec S

    Aviva seem to be the cheapest atm for insurance. im 18 with 1yr no claims on a 1.4 zetec 56 plate and its cote me £1096 for the year. i had a peugot( or how ever you spell it) 1.4 glx (2002) for my first car n the insurance on that for just over £2000.