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Found 33 results

  1. Ecoboost or 4 Pot?

    Hi all, looking to trade in an existing car we have for another fiesta, but a basic and early facelift version. Is the difference in price between the 1.0 100ps and 1.25 worth it for a car that'll only be kept for 3 years max and used as 15 mile round trip taxi? Anything to watch out for on 40k mile versions of either of the above? I've got a 1.0 140ps and had a 1.25 but neither were near 40k miles and the 1.25 was too long ago to remember. Any help appreciated, thanks
  2. Hi all I have a 2006 Fiesta 1.25 durotec engine, and I noticed the oil was very low so I thought Il stick a bit in, well I did it cold, and after diping it seemed spot on the top line if the stick well pleased I dropped the bonnet and carried on with life (got married) anywho that was two weeks ago, I thought Il check it out just to make sure it was all still good in there yesterday, and it over the top line on the stick,not sure if the drive was a little slopy...or what but it's highter then the top knoch allso on the bendy bit just under when cold just up to it warm see pictures... Is it safe, or should I go and get it drained out! Bit worried!
  3. Before I get the "don't bother" stuff, a little info. This isn't my first car or even my main car, it's just a free mk5 I was given by my parents, it's a W reg and it's only done 40k miles. My best friend has a MK3 Golf GTI that's now done 170k miles. Now according to online specs, the Golf does 0-60 in 12.00seconds and the Fiesta in 12.7secs. I'm wondering what I can do to get the fiesta to do 0-60 quicker than the Golf, it's not about making the fiesta some racing car, it's about keeping it looking as stock as possible and rubbing it in his face since he talks absolute rubbish about his car 24/7. I know for a fact his car is stock since he doesn't even know how to hold a spanner properly. Money isn't really an object since I'm paid quite well and I have a fair whack saved up for a "project". I really don't care about the car and I've also considered using it for hillclimbs as I've seen a few of the 1.25s used in the small engine category. Any help is appreciated, cheers guys! Josh
  4. Hey people I am new here. I bought a 2014 Ford Fiesta 1.25 82 PS from a reputable garage (Bristol Street) and have had it almost 3 months it has 15K miles on the clock and has been problem free until yesterday when I heard a pop could not tell if it was from the engine or tyres but on checking the tyres they were fine, so decided to continue on my journey home but it was slow going I could not get the car above 60mph on the motorway and I also got my dad to check the tyres and he said they were fine. It is still under warrant until the 23/05/2017. Any idea what this could be? My first thoughts were the syncro or the spark plugs but a car bought from a reputable dealer like Bristol Street Motors. I dunno either way I am worried.
  5. Will a 1.25 Ford fiesta mk 6 engine fit into a Mk 7? Hi, I have a 59 plate mk 7 1.2 fiesta that I drove through a massive puddle and it has sucked water through the intake. The car still starts and runs but it is misfiring on cylinder 2 and it has been diagnosed to be something is damaged internally which I don't have time to mess with as it could be a number of things and I need the car to get to work, so I'm thinking about just swapping the engine for a used one but as they are both more available and cheaper I would like to know if the older engine (the mk 6) will bolt on considering I will still have the old engine to swap over sensors and things so it doesn't have to be identical. Any help/info is appreciated, thanks.
  6. Cold start idle issue

    Hi, have a MK6.5 Fiesta 1.25 and have had an idle issue with it for some time (last 2 years). When it is started from cold and the automatic choke comes on it sometimes randomly drops idle speed (usually within the first minute of starting) considerably to around 400 rpm then will return to normal but will only ever do this the once and not every time. It seems to do it more during cold damp weather but will never stall and always correct itself. This issue will also show itself if you start up and immediately drive off by the engine becoming rough and unresponsive. Has anyone heard of this one before?
  7. Engine Conversion Help

    Hi All, new here so sorry if this has been posted in the wrong place, if so please could someone move to more appropriate place?? Thanks, Long story short have picked up a '05 plate Fiesta in a rough and ready state with a 1.25 engine in it, much to my surprise it flew through a mot. I have also recently acquired for a nice price a 1.6 engine out of a 55 plate Zetec S, my problem being at the minute, I've also not got the ECU, Wiring Loom, Key, or Transponder Ring with the 1.6 engine. I've been told this is a plug and play job and will just require my 1.25 ECU being remapped (however I'm dubious to this being the case) could someone please confirm I will need to source a ECU, and other bits listed above before I can carry on? Also, I was planning to use the 5 speed box from my 1.25 as when I bought the car I was told it had been fitted with a recon box 2 months prior, so would like to use this box with the 1.6 engine. Will this be ok? Many Thanks David
  8. Fiesta Style

    From the album Ford Fiesta Style

    2008 Mk6 ford fiesta, just joined so will be upload more soon as made a few more mods
  9. Hi, I passed my driving test in October 2015 and promptly went to TrustFord and bought my first car. My (realistic) dream car, a Ford Fiesta. And I was even lucky enough to get it in the colour I had wanted since I first saw it in 2009 - Magenta. And of course, I fell head over heels. My partner is a car photographer so I often tag along with him to car meets where I get to see hundreds of different and rare cars. And in doing so it has ignited my want to mod my car which is what inspired me to join. So, if anyone has any tips or just links to good reads or videos on getting started, please let me know. Anyway, here's my Fiesta (at the moment):
  10. This seems a common problem with the Fiesta 1.25 MK4 (1999) but while I've seen many posts describing the problem I've never seen anyone to say they've found the cure. Car starts fine, idles about 1100rpm. For the first half mile the car drives fine. Then at next junction, when you dip the clutch the engine either cuts out or idles so low the alternator light comes on. After about another half mile the engine is beginning to heat up and all is well for the rest of the trip. There are no other problems with the engine - lots of power and very economical. It has only covered 22k miles. So far I've: Put in a new thermostat, when I bought the car the thermostat was stuck open and I suspect it was like that a long time. It now reaches full temperature. New coil and ignition leads Cleaned the idle air control valve - looked spotless anyway. Cleaned the TMAP sensor Took off the throttle position sensor but not much can be done with this from a cleaning point of view With an OBD reader attached I monitored the engine coolant temperature sensor, the throttle position sensor and the incoming air temperature from cold start to engine reaching full temperature and all looks normal. All the little rubber vacuum hoses are intact. So, now am thinking of changing a few sensors. I believe the lambda sensor shouldn't cause a problem at cold idling but can affect hot idling so am ruling that out? I think it's either the throttle position sensor (TPS) or the engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT) - even though the OBD reader indicates they seem to be fine. Has anyone bought these from ebay and would they recommend buying from there? They are a lot cheaper than main dealer parts or motor factor parts. Would they be good enough to at least prove the fault? One other thing - there is not engine management light (MIL) on the dash. It doesn't even come on when the ignition is switched on initially. There is no mention in the warning lights section of the user manual of one. Did these cars not have a MIL light?
  11. Hi there just wondering if anyone can help me by showing the location of the "air box resonator" on my Fiesta 2011 1.25L Zetec ive had a small look to try and fine it but I thought it'd be best to ask some more knowledgable folk, if anyone could help tell me the location of the resonator it would be greatly appreciated, photos especially! Many thanks, Luke
  12. IMG 1538[1]

    From the album My Fezbomb

  13. IMG 1535[1]

    From the album My Fezbomb

  14. IMG 1533[1]

    From the album My Fezbomb

  15. IMG 1526[1]

    From the album My Fezbomb

  16. IMG 1473[1]

    From the album My Fezbomb

  17. IMG 1510[1]

    From the album My Fezbomb

  18. Reached 120,000 Miles. What Now?

    My MK 6 Fiesta has served me well on my 70 mile round trip to work. But I have now managed 120,000 miles on a 9 year old car and am wondering how much more I will get out of the 1.25 engine. I get a small service ever year- it had a major service when i bought it two years ago, and I mainl do motorway miles in 5th gear. So realistically how many more miles can i expect from the little engine? It only had one owner before I bought it and was regurlarly serviced. Only issues have been thermostat replaced and recently It feels like it starts to lurch a little as i accelerate (could that be a coil pack issue) Other than that mpg is pretty good and the car still drives fine. Also, will the cambelt be due again soon, it was just done before I bought it at around 70,000 miles I think, what age / mileage would it next be due on a 1.25 fiesta zetec? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks
  19. Hey guys, Just wondering how much thirstier are the bigger engine fiestas? I live in a hilly area and feel a bigger engine may use less fuel as I have to floor the car in 5th or rev it in 4th to maintain 40mph up a hill or (45-50 in 4th) as you can imagine it does annoy a lot of the local drivers as the limit is 60 ;) So back to topic, does the 1.4 make a bigger difference, does the 1.6 use tonnes more fuel? what kind of mpg does it get?
  20. Hey guys, I have a mk 6 fiesta zetec 1.25, and the throttle response is crap. Have had a look at the fuel pump and the throttle body and all is clear and flowing free. Therefore I'm thinking of upgrading. A larger ported throttle body is a bit too expensive, so I was wondering if anyone knows how good a power boost valve would be, are they worth the money. Or does anyone have any other suggestions to increase throttle response. Cheers
  21. 1.25 Vs. 1.0 Ecoboost 125Ps

    Hello guys and girls, first post here! I'm in the market for a new Fiesta. I'm pretty much set on the 1.0 Ecoboost, just because of the performance advantages - 125bhp vs. 82. I'm just wondering if there are any major disadvantages when it comes to the 1.0 engine? I assume fuel economy at higher revs won't be as good as with the 1.25? What about things like reliability? Is there any clear benefit to the 1.25? Cheers,
  22. Mk7 1.25 60Ps Performance

    Hi guys, I've got the 1.25 60ps engine :( and I'm going to get a j1 induction kit- purely for the sound but I'm just wondering if an ecu remap with the kit will be able to match or better the 82ps engine. Both engines seem exactly the same physically but just a different ecu map? Do you guys think this is possible? BTW I couldn't afford a larger engine at the time of purchase due to insurance cost and the car was is in basically perfect condition.
  23. My Ford Fiesta 2005 1.25 Studio is my first car and I've only had it a few months, I am also not very knowledgeable about cars but am learning. When I got the car it was fine for about 3 weeks but then I started noticing a fresh oil burning smell mostly after a drive once parked up but also when driving. My oil levels are fine and there isn't puddles under the car so I assume it's only a minor but annoying leak. I first looked under the front of the car to discover a patch of oil under the "sump" I think. Here are some pictures of the discovery: I removed the air filter box and discovered some oil in locations around the back of the engine. I then cleaned up all the visible oil I could and waited a day to see if any more would leak. Everywhere seems fine apart from one place which I will show below. I have also included a video to give a better understanding even know my camera skills aren't great. If you have read this far I thank you as I know this is a long post and look forward to reading any suggestions.
  24. Hi guys, im new to the forum as have just brought myself a Ford Fiesta MK4. I am interested in doing some heavy modification and am after abit of advice. Does anyone have any experience in engine upgrades in a 1.25 shell? I know its a drastic step to make, but i really like the car so feel its only right to waste my money on making it alot more fun :P I hear it is possible to put a Ford Puma lump into the car and it is also possible to put a Ford Focus 1.6 ZETEC lump in, would anyone be able to suggest either a thread already opened for this topic or be able to give suggestions on which engine would be best to put into the car? I have already lowered the car 40mm, have put low profile alloys and am currently waiting on front and rear strut bracing to improve handling. any other suggestions are definatly appreciated :) Many thanks, Matt.
  25. Hello all, I have just bought a fiesta 1.25 lx, 99 model, used but when I checked it out and drove it everything seemed fine, that was 3 days ago. Now, I have just drove it for 20 minutes and it leaked an entire coolant tank all over the floor. I had to get back so filled it up again and the same thing happened. The majority of the coolant pours out when I'm idling or coming to a stop. The car isn't overheating, runs well, oil seems fine. Any idea why it's started to do this?