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Found 12 results

  1. HEY everyone I have recently brought a focus 2007 1.8tdci and I'm loving it I really didn't like fords before I brought one! I'm happy to own it and when and if I need advice id love to come and get help from everyone here :) so I hope you all the best and maybe get to have help from you all soon :)
  2. Hi all my 59 plate focus throws out black smoke and looses power when I excelerate. When the engine malfunction light comes on it drives fine but still is under powered. Any ideas how to fix this problem? Many thanks for any help or suggestions.
  3. Hi All, I’m hoping that soneone can offer me some advice… I’m thinking of purchasing a 2008 Mondeo estate – 1.8tdci titanium 95k miles. I’ve heard some horror stories about turbos on the 1.6 focus engine – does this 1.8 engine suffer from the same issues? I’ve also heard about some of the convers+ systems causing a whole host of issues. Are there any other issues that I need to be aware of that people have had – DPF’s dual massflywheels etc etc Many thanks in advance Alastair
  4. Had my 2006 Focus 1.8TDCi (Mk II diesel) 104,000 miles, MoT'd last week. It passed. Only comment was the EGR wasn't working (this is because it's blanked off at 90,000) but it passed the emissions test. It was serviced 2 months ago. Before the MoT it pulled strongly up hills etc. had a nice turbo surge and no hesitation at all. However, since then it's been stuttering and hesitant below 2000rpm and the power is well down; it loses speed on hills unless I really rev it. It's gone from being a great drive to being a dog. I phoned the garage who said they didn't do anything to it other than test it. He said they're not even allowed to tweak anything to get it through the emissions test etc. I don't think it's limp mode, as it can rev past 3000rpm, but it feels like its being starved of fuel or air or something. Has anyone else has this happen to them, and is there anything that jumps out as an obvious fix? Or is it just a bad coincidence that it's a dog immediately after the MoT?
  5. fuel filter replament

    ive had the usual issue with the fuel filter letting in air, i curious to know has anyone replaced the fuel housing with a more universal inline fliter like this ? and if it is possible has anyone any ideas of where i would get and adapter to go from a hard plastic (number 1. ) fuel pipe to connect to a softer fuel hose to use this kind of filter and remove the original housing to put and inline electric fuel pump before a filter at (number 3.) to help keep fuel coming from the tank. to feed the high pressure fuel pump at (number 2.)
  6. Hello all, Recently my Focus (done 75,000 miles) has been playing up. It's taken a long time to start, and twice has gone in to limp mode with the glow plug light flashing, and once has completely conked out with the light flashing again. After reading a few things online I tried a few easy fixes changing the Fuel Filter, Camshaft Sensor and Crankshaft Senson. None worked so I had it hooked up to a diagnostic machine and got code P2291 "Injectors down on pressure". This could mean either fuel pump or injectors are nackered. I checked the injectors by turning the engine over and seeing whether fuel dribbles out of them, and they seem fine, leading me to believe the Fuel Pump is the cause of the issue. I'll be taking it to a diesel specialist today to get an idea of price. So, what do you think of my diagnosis, and has anyone got any idea how much it will be to have the fuel pump replaced? I've heard it involves changing water pump, cambelt & tensioner and so is expensive! It may not be a job worth doing as the car is probably only worth £2k, especially if it's not 100% certain this will fix the issues. Thanks in advance for any replies, Sam
  7. Hi, I have been advised by a Ford garage the EGR valve on my 2010 Mondeo 1.8tdci can only be replaced as a complete unit with the inlet manifold... at a ridiculous cost. However, I have found a store on eBay, transitpartsuk, who sell the valve separately. Now, my question is can the valve be replaced by a DIY mechanic like myself without having to remove the inlet manifold and without any special tools except a torx bit for the 4 retaining bolts? The valve is position at the top rear of the engine bay and looks like all the bolts are accessible... is this just a way for Ford to make more money? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hey all, new member here but I've been hanging around a while. I've just purchased a 2005 1.8Tdci Mk2 Focus Titanium. In lovely condition all round for the milage (121k) especially inside, full service history, and didnt cost too much either. I'm just wondering what parts I should service / replace myself now, and any additions you all would recommend. I've already replaced the glow plugs as they were rather blackened and reluctant to heat up, replaced the air filter, and fitted the mist washer jets. What else should I look out for under the bonnet? Obviously the 125k service will be coming up where a fair amount will need to be checked, I just want to be on top of everything before that comes around so I dont get any nasty suprises. I've also heard very good things about the remap on the 1.8Tdci, is that still recommended for an engine with this amount of miles? Thanks for your time!
  9. Hello to you focus enthusiasts, After owning a focus for over two years I can't classify myself as enthusiast anymore, more like frustrated of owning a money burner! Anyway basically got an EGR intermittent fault on the car and is making the car run rough at times! Plugged it in with my scanner and showed Exhaust Gas Recirculation Sensor Circuit Low and took it to the main dealer to check and verify the fault and they basically said complete EGR needs replacing and will cost me around £1,000! I'd rather get rid of my car for that and get a reliable one with a decent badge, but am going through my last year of uni so can't think straight at the minute and concentrate on that so am wondering if I or a back door garage can do something to solve it for less and make the car last me for another year until I free myself! Mind you I have already replaced the EGR valve two years ago but that was covered by the warranty from the car dealer and talking to the Ford mechanic he said it is a re-occuirng fault on the TDCI engine; GREAT!!! So my questions are: 1) Can I keep driving around with intermittent EGR fault on the car? 2) MOT is due in December, will an EGR fault will cause failure in the MOT on emmissions etc...? 3) Will cleaning the EGR valve solve the problem? If, yes is there a guide on here how to do it? 4) I leanrt that some poeple blank the EGR valve to bypass the problem! Do you recommend I do that? Will that affect car performance and the MOT? Is it expensive to do? Appreicate your help on this one people... Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi All I have a MK2 2006 1.8 tdci Focus. Every now and then the dash brings up EML or the big red light with cog or the seat belt light. There is no loss in power or judders and turning the ignition off and on turns the lights off. There is no codes stored in ecu. Does this sound like a wiring issue? also I have heard about ecu updates?? thanks in advance
  11. Td115 1.8 Tdci Issue

    Hi All, I recently noticed my car under performing. I have a 2009 1.8TDCi Focus Zetec. Upon checking the engine bay I noticed a badly burnt wire and connector. The car runs as it should when cold, when it gets up to temperature it stutters and large loss of power after 2200rpm. Also a larger than normal cloud of smoke puffs out of the exhaust when it is stuttering. When it is warm the car starts ok and drives fine under 2200rpm. Another point when the car starts stuttering I can hear what sounds like a boost leak (whoosh). I have checked all boost pipes and these are all ok, I checked for fault codes and a "Low Fuel Pressure Fault" was showing. Also I have noticed an increase in fuel consumption although the MFD displays normal MPG. I know I'm going to have to replace the glow plug loom but would this resolve the stuttering issue. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  12. Morning guys, A couple of months back I made a trip down to Lincoln with my other half (from Carlisle). This was the first long trip of the year for the Focus. Typically I do 50 - 60 miles a day and average 1000 miles a month. During the trip down my other half was driving and I told her to give it some 'welly' when overtaking a lorry on the A1(M). While doing so she said 'The cars shaking.... :( ' I replied with 'don't be silly' as I couldn't feel, see of hear anything. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago I started to notice that when I attempted to accelerate hard in 3rd / 4th the engine started to feel lumpy and drop off around 3 - 3.5k revs. The shaking she was referring to was feedback through the accelerator pedal / low levels of hesitation. This morning I gave the car a good thrashing on the way to work (rural A road) and could still feel the problem. In 1st, 2nd (with normal turbo boosting at 2k revs) and any other gear at normal driving speeds (with normal acceleration) the cars is fine and I've not received any engine malfunction lights. I've not had chance to read any codes yet, but I'm thinking it could be the fuel filter? I purchased the car February 2012 and was told at the time the car had been serviced (national dealer) when I checked the air filter a few weeks later it was filthy. Considering this is a 2008 car it looked like the original filter (which didn't fill me with confidence). I purchased the car with lower than average miles for the age and it appeared to have missed a service. I had a service (oil and filter change) last October, which was done by a prestigious car dealer as a mates wife is service manager. To be fair I only asked for an oil change and the experience was great (they treated my car like a top end motor rather than a lowly Ford) but thinking back I'm now convinced the fuel filter is overdue renewal as I've never done it. Do this sound right to any of you? I'm thinking a filter change and for good measure I'll chuck in a tin of BG244. Any advice gratefully received. Stu