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Found 16 results

  1. Hi fellow Focus owners. I've been discussing with some friends regarding rust in a tank but isn't most fuel tanks made out of plastic? To be more specific; is the fuel tank of a ford focus hatchback 2001 made out of plastic or steel/galvanized steel? Is there any way to check it for a layman like me? I've been searching the internet for some time now, and I couldn't find any deep specifications for the car though.. I hope there is a wiseman out there to answer. - Thanks on advance
  2. I have a ford Fiesta Flight on a 51 plate. The heater is only blowing cold air. I have checked the coolant level and this is on Max and also flushed out the heater matrix. As the pipes were cold after the heater control value and hot before it, I replaced the heater control valve. but the heater is still blowing cold air, and the pipes are the same cold on one side hot on the other. Has anyone come across this before. I don't want to replace the heater control panel unless I need to, is there a way of checking this is faulty before replacing this (I have a multi meter), or could it be something else? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi everyone, I've come across a strange problem which i'm hoping may be an easy fix to those of you with more experience than me. I've recently acquired an old 51 plate focus. While trying to fix a central locking related issue I followed some instructions on this fine forum and decided that I would check 'fuse 63' on the back of the internal fuse board. Having checked this to find it wasn't blown I replaced the fuse. Ever since replacing it the car alarm has been sounding every time i start the car or open the passenger door (cant unlock drivers door using the key which is the locking issue I was originally trying to solve). The car starts no problem but it is always accompanied by the hazard warning lights flashing and the alarm going off! To remedy this I have unplugged the horn but this is only a temporary fix to avoid waking the neighbors up when I head off to work tomorrow. Does anyone know why this is happening or how I can fix it? It may be relevant to explain that the central locking was a bit iffy when i got the car and the key fob was already broken i.e. would not operate the central locking by pressing the button. It came with the original fob key plus two other non remote keys. I have ordered another battery for the fob in the hopes that by some miracle it may just be an old battery which is at fault. Short of this any tips would be VERY much appreciated (by me and my poor neighbors). Before I posted this I searched the forum for an answer to a similar issue but could not find anything that matched my problem. My apologies if this is a question which has already been covered. Thanks to anyone who can offer their advice. Lewis
  4. Hi, I was hoover the interior of my mondeo the other day and accidentally hoovered up this, what seems to be, fuse cover located on the automatic transmission (please see pic). This is a small round plastic cover - can't find it in the hoover bag so, being a perfectionist, need to source another one. Problem is, what do I call it? So I can start looking. Or does anyone know where I can get one? Many thanks in advance! M
  5. Petrol Leak! Ughhh

    Hi guys, Took the car out for a 150 mile motorway run yesterday and on return the car had to fuel up, so I turned the engine off, fan whirring away and then I heard a funny spitting/weird sound . Then it stopped doing that after like 2 mins. Engine temp everything was fine, coolant was fine. Anyway. filled up Decided to take the car out today and it smelt a little like petrol, just thought I had perhaps got some on the body work when filling up yesterday (given its a hot sunny day today) anyway, took it out and when I returned the smell was there. Noticed on the drive a patch of petrol probs the size of a dinner plate. Now question is, how expensive is it to replace the replace the fuel tank (if at fault)? Note, I did have a look underneath, it looks like the previous owner put a new fuel pump in, but the tank does look slightly rusty. I haven't found any visible petrol leak sources. If it is a fuel line, can it be fixed? Or does it need replacing? Have I effectively written this motor off? how expensive is it to replace those parts? :(
  6. Clutch Clutch Clutch

    Hey guys, Just wondering, but how do I test my clutch? Recently, the bites been feeling quite high. I don't think my clutch has gone yet, as its not slipping but any ideas? The biting point i'd say is about 2 pound coins width from the pedal being fully released. Oh and when I shift gears, recently I've noticed the revs do go up a little, perhaps by 100- 200rpms? Note: When I travel, im always in stop-start traffic if that's of any significance.
  7. Hi all, Recently I've been noticing this more often, when driving the cd player sometimes cuts out and loses power and refuses to be turned on, at the start it used to automatically turn it self on later. As time passed, its been getting worse and it seems to get aggravated most by bumps and sometimes high revs. note: pressing the button like a mad man after its cut out doesn't turn it on, however left over night sometimes it fires up in the morning but sometimes it doesn't. Help? P.S. I have no manuals for this car or a wiring diagram or fuse box layout diagram. It is the 6000 CD model.
  8. Warmed the car for 10 minutes before setting off, everything was working on the dash, put it into reverse and reversed out of the drive into the street and then put the car into first, looked at the dash and everything was dead (the speedometer, rev counter, fuel and temperature gauges and the digital LCD mileometer- the whole lot- dead). Thought I stalled it, but the engine was on..so I bravely drove it back into the drive and took the bus. ;) Don't want to drive in snow and ice with no gauges thanks Has the snow killed it? I hope its a simple fuse.. Help. Please. Watch the YouTube video link in the title (the forum doesn't let me copy and paste the url or link it using the button) Thanks guys
  9. warmed the car up for 10 minutes, like every day...Reversed out of the drive, (everything was fine on start up and when I got into reverse)..so reversed into the street and about to go into first when I noticed that everything on the dash had died. I thought I stalled it, gave it some revs and the engine was on..so I was confused. It was a snowy start today, the colds murdered it..I hope its a cheap fix like a fuse. Help me out guys! :/ p.s. see the YouTube link on the title (wont let me copy and paste on here nor will it let me link it using the button) thanks guys
  10. i have a problem with y 2001 1.8 focus when i start the car it stalls itself and when i coast it stalls the only way to keep it running it to have my foot constantly on the revs i have no idea what this could be but think the battery might need changing uploaded a video to youtube will put a link to it if any of you have an idea to what it could be it would be greatly appreciated
  11. Hi, Car started to develop an intermitten problem, after starting it is stuck in park. The button on the gear shift changer will not depress to allow change of gear. Brake lights are all working fine, and it is completely intermitten. I also noticed that is reving very high in first before changing up to second, all other gears are function correctly. I put the car into a garage, they believe the fault is the solenoid at the base of the gear shift changer (see picture) however they are not able to identify it to order a replacement. If you manually press the solenoid the gear shift changer works fine. Can anyone assist in what this solenoid is called, or some kind of identification. Also if anyone has any other ideas what the fault might be I'd be happy to go play around with the car. thanks Richard
  12. Hi I have a Ford Fiesta 2001 Petrol that is due for its MOT mid-march. One of the advisories last year was "slight lift in two rear top strut mounts" - my query is this: Should I replace the strut mounts or replace the complete suspension strut. I have been advised that it would be 'easier' to replace the complete strut, but I think this is simply because it is easier for the garage involved to replace the complete strut rather that just the strut mount etc (and I expect more expensive!!) what are the thoughts of the forum on this etc.
  13. hi, (sorry said 2003 in the title by accident) i I have a 2001 1.8 zetec 16 valve ford focus and about a year ago I had problems starting it from cold and when it started it would idle just on the next line above 1000rpm and and when i changed gear it would seem to rev down slower than normal not really bad but i could notice the difference but when the engine warmed it would go back to the line below 1000rpm but still didn't rev down much faster, recently the problem has got worse and now when it starts it just cuts out and i have to keep revving it till it stops cutting out, I've been told it could be a number of things but it could be something simple, PLEASE SOMEONE HELP :(
  14. Hi there Basically the lever to pul to lower the seat to let others into the back has snapped on my passenger seat. I've got a 2001 3dr ford fiesta (mk 5) and i've searched everywhere and they only sell replacements for mk6 models. What can I do? Would a mk 6 lever fit in my ford (or could it be fitted)? http://compare.ebay.co.uk/like/170772092295?var=lv&ltyp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var=sbar&_lwgsi=y&cbt=y&adtype=pla&crdt=0&ff3=1&ff11=ICEP3.0.0&ff12=67&ff13=80&ff14=63Or (I doubt) Or does anyone know where I could pick up a mk 5 lever? Thanks very much A.Kipps
  15. Mk1 Focus 1.6 Reserve Range

    Hello all. We now have a new old Focus to replace our old new Fiesta! Our 2010 Fiesta used to chime at 50 remaining miles of fuel - but our retro 2001 Focus has the usual fuel light. Now this question wouldn't bother me, but my girlfriend wants to know how many miles you could typically expect to drive when the light comes on until you splutter to a halt with no fuel... My guess is about 50 or so, am I right?
  16. Can anyone help, I need to recover my 2001 Mondeo from Southampton to Ferndown in Dorset, Im missing the towing eye from my car so cant do it I know theres a couple of different sorts a sort one and a longer one I need the longer one im in Ferndown dorset if anyone could help please let me know needed urgently.