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Found 50 results

  1. Which Fiesta?

    Going to look into getting a new car sometime soon, I've spent the last 2 days looking at the 140 bhp 1L ecoboosts, and the 123 Zetec S, but there's the 1.6L versions too, what one would you lot suggest, and why?
  2. From the album Mondeo

    2017 ford mondeo st x 2.0 turbo 240bhp black with extra bits
  3. I'm am sorry for what you are about to read😂 I am a rookie Hi, I am 17 and as my first car I have a Ford Fiesta Zetec 2010 black. I have never been into cars but now I own one I am constantly looking at things to improve or make the car look better on the eye. I have put a zetec s spoiler on but am unsure about anything else? Been looking at diffusers for the rear end but haven't got a clue how to fit it or if any garage would be fine doing it? If so what price? Also exhausts anyone know any cheap but well made ones? If so would it be expensive to get fitted at a standard garage. Also My alloys are silver have been looking to get blacked out, would it make the car look any better? Any other ideas? Wont let me upload any photos unfortunately Cheers
  4. New car slight problem!

    I've just realised I've been posting everything in the wrong section, apologies to anyone and everyone🙄 ANYWAY.. Ive very recently bought a 65 Plate Fiesta Black Edition (140ps) the car is unbelievable compared to my last Fiesta Edge (60ps) - I know. But there's a slightly annoying problem with the seatbelt, I've managed to make it work (sometimes) but I'd like to get it solved. This the post:
  5. New car! Slight problem

    I've done it! Bought a 65 Fiesta Black Edition! But there's only one problem, been back to the garage but they want it back in on Monday to see if they can resolve it, but i think it's easy enough to fix myself. The passenger side seat belt won't come out, it's jamming as if it's been pulled hard, even when it's being pulled gently, it comes if you wiggle it and push and pull back, but it's obviously not as it should be.. any ideas? PLEASE😏
  6. Black Bonnet Lip??

    Evening all, Does anyone know where I can acquire a black bonnet lip or more specifically a gloss black bonnet lip for my MK7 Fiesta? I've been looking on eBay gumtree etc of cars being sold for parts but most have a grey lip like my current one. Only inquiring as I recently had part of my boot lid wrapped and want to pursue the gloss black theme, however they were unable to wrap those parts due to the material.
  7. Hey there, Wondering if any of you out there can help me... Basically... I have a Ford Fiesta Zetec S Red Edition (2014). In the middle there is a glossy plastic that goes around the gear stick and up to just above the air con where there is a split... This glossy plastic is a pain, mine is a little scratched and it pretty visible (especially me being the perfectionist I am) and also it picks up dust like a sucker! On the fiesta ST this centre part is in a nice slick Matte finish instead. Okay so my actual question: Can this gloss plastic part be removed easily? And if so, can I get the matte plastic (as seen on the ST) to replace it with? (Where would I go about getting this?) Thanks in advance for your help!! Josh :)
  8. Hi everyone, welcome to my project! I have just got my new toy! Black Focus Mk2 Facelift Titanium 1.8 TDCI - Re-mapped to give extra 30% Torque and BHP. I have had her for a week already and have got a list together and already made a start on my 'improvements'. Check out my list below: Fit RIP Tax Disc decal to windscreen. £3 Paid Fit aluminium style car mats. £0 Paid Carbon wrap key. £4 Paid De-badge Focus / Titanium TDCI badges. £0 Source/buy and fit Ford Gel badges to front, rear and wheels. £38 Paid Fit Heko tinted wind deflectors. £25 Paid Change side lights to LED side light bulbs. £0 Paid Change number plate bulbs to LED bulbs. £0 Paid Fit carbon number plate surrounds. £6 Paid Change number plates to private plate with DVLA. £80 Paid Fit private number plates (pressed). £20 Paid Remove and spray/wrap bonnet lip. £4. £4 paid Remove and spray/wrap hatch trim. £0 Paid Change interior bulbs to White LED: centre, foot wells, vanity, glove box, boot. £20 Paid Change headlights to HID 10k 55W Xenon headlight bulb kit. £20 Paid Change fog lights to LED Ice Blue Bulbs. £20 Paid Fit GPS, Bluetooth, DVD, Touchscreen head unit. £180 Paid Tint rear centre break light & rear reverse/fog lights. £10 Paid Repair: Whistling coming from passenger mirror/tweeter area. £0 Paid Paint brake callipers white. £20 Paid Buy and Fit new black honeycomb front left, centre, upper and right grilles. £110 Paid Repair: Doors don’t have catches, so when they open they swing around. £? Fit new speaker system in front. £70 Fit new speaker system in rear. £70 Get black locking and standard wheel nuts or nut covers. £30 Fit LED reverse lights. £10 Alloy wheel refurb. £150 Get rear bumper ‘touched up’ due to light paintwork damage. £50? *** Total spend so far - £560 Total projected spend - £940 The ones I have crossed through are the ones I have done! Still got lots to spend and do! I will post some pics of the mods I have done so far shortly. The pics I have posted first are of the car as how I brought it. Excited to see what you guys think of her and my plans! ---------------------------- UPDATE - 03.04.16 ---------------------------- So, here are some of the mods I have done so far. Only small but all makes a difference, right?! - Carbon wrapped key: Before - Carbon wrapped key: The wrap - Carbon wrapped key: During - Carbon wrapped key: After - Black and White Ford badges: Before - Black and White Ford badges: The badges - Black and White Ford badges: After - De-Badging the rear: Before - De-Badging the rear: During - De-Badging the rear: After - RIP Tax Disc Decal - Eminem Decal - After a weekend of small mods and a clean... This is how she looks at the moment (03.04.16) That's it for the weekend, more to come next weekend hopefully! Hope you all like, let me know your thoughts! ---------------------------- UPDATE - 02.05.16 ---------------------------- After a few weeks of miserable weather, I didn't see the point in cleaning the car for it to get dirty again straight away! So didn't take any pictures until this weekend. Here are the latest mods and pics! Let me know your thoughts people! - ST Wheel Centre Cap: Before - ST Wheel Centre Cap: After - Heko Tinted Wind Deflectors - Bonnet Lip: During (goodbye horrible Chrome, hello carbon wrap) - Bonnet Lip: After (Carbon wrapped) - Boot trim: After (goodbye horrible chrome!) - Personalised, pressed number plates & Carbon surrounds - Anonymous decal - Some general pics of how the car looks after this weekend (02.05.16) That's it for now, need to save some pennies to get new gloss black front honeycomb grilles sorted next! Watch this space! ---------------------------- UPDATE - 19.07.16 ---------------------------- It was a beautiful day and evening on the South Coast! The car was washed at the weekend. So it was a perfect opportunity to get some new shots, showing off my HID main and fog light upgrade (and the gorgeous scenery)... ---------------------------- UPDATE - 30.10.16 ---------------------------- I have fitted a 7" touch screen GPS, DVD, Stereo system, some chrome round heater dial knobs and tinted my rear centre break light! Check out the pictures below... - Before and after fitting the heater dials - New dials and 7" Touch Screen Navigation/Stereo System - Tinted rear centre break light ---------------------------- UPDATE - 21.11.16 ---------------------------- I bought some Gloss Black Honeycomb ST front grilles and fog surrounds - and finally go around to fitting them! Check out the new pictures below, it really does enhance the look of the car! I will get some more, better shots of the whole car in its current state when the weather improves and I have time to clean and take pics... - Before - After - During
  9. Hey! Im new to the owners club, Iv had my fiesta zetec s a while now and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for visual modifications, nothing too drastic just to sharpen the look of my car up! :) I look forward to your replies! Cheers!
  10. Ford Focus 1.4 Zetec S 2001

    I recently brought a ford focus for suspected cam belt failed how ever I put oil in as there was no oil in the engine and cranked it over it started first time I put oil in spark plug holes as well to make sure it didn't damage engine with having no oil but about a week of running the engine is still smoke white smoke as I can see Please watch video for better understanding This video show me holding the rev about 2000 but the engine keeps dropping and going back every so often https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuVL5H7WqC4 This is the car smoking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afKEE9CUhlc Try 1.22min on video that's the smoking part Thanks for any help inadvaced
  11. I was wondering about making my Ford Fiesta Black Edition have a louder blow off valve noise but... I am worried that my engine warning light will come up and my car may go into "LIMP MODE". Also what blow off valves fit the fiesta black edition??? Ben_140
  12. Accidental New Owner

    Hi All, I wanted to test drive a new red or black edition... just to see how it compared to my 150bhp diesel astra, as i wanted a new car in a few months time I was in luck... I managed to find the only dealer within about 20 miles that had one available for a drive. It had just come off the lorry, with 13 miles on the clock Long story short, i'll be picking it up in a couple of weeks and i cant wait! Sure it doesn't have the torque to pull like the astra, but it really didn't feel slow in comparison at all. It's a lot perkier though... just begging to be thrown into corners. Here's a few pics...
  13. Interior

    From the album My little Ford

    Leather seats...mmmm....
  14. Back

    From the album My little Ford

  15. Front

    From the album My little Ford

  16. Hi guys Welcome to my progress thread! Well, my old mk6.5 was written off unfortunately and my friend who works for Ford recommended the new Zetec S to me, and after a few weeks of looking around I decided it was the sensible choice for me. I picked up my Panther Black Zetec S from a Ford garage on the 31st of October, it's the 1.0 Ecoboost 125ps, 1 Owner from new, 6,471 miles, one service on it and there extras consist of; Privacy glass, Upgraded 17" alloys, City Pack and Start/Stop pack. It was one of the ford guy's girlfriends car, only sold it back to them because they got an upgrade because of his job, so something nice and legit, and no dodgy reasons! I don't have a proper list of what I want to do just yet, but a Stage 1 Revo remap and new exhaust system is on the cards. But for now I'll just be adding bits on here and there but will be sure to post about it! Ordered a pack of LED's last night so hopefully they're going to turn up some point this week. Here are some of the photos the day I officially bought her! And the day after, picking her up! Couldn't quite believe how clean it was... Thanks for reading :)
  17. Hello chaps, There are two little mods I want to do to my car, the first is a HID conversion, and the second is to hardwire some ambient lighting into the map light for the front footwells and maybe the centre console. I was hoping some of you could give me some advice and/or links to a reliable HID conversion kit (H7 only) and to a good, red, ambient lighting products. Any forum guides that come to mind regarding these two mods would be great too! Thanks in advance!
  18. Car Front

    From the album Scott's Focus Zetec-S

    © Scott C

  19. Car Back

    From the album Scott's Focus Zetec-S

    © Scott C

  20. Relatively New to this kind of thing but I was wondering if anyone has had an aftermarket exhaust fitted to there fiesta Black or Red editions? If so is it worth doing and do they sound half decent :) Cheers
  21. Hello all, I'm due to collect my 61-plate MK7 Fiesta Zetec S this Saturday. As a rookie of these forums I was hoping for some advice regarding my plans for the car! I know I'm keen signing up before i've even got the car, but, sue me i'm excited! :P I'll post some pictures to my profile once I've got the car sparkling clean.. ;) My first plans are: + Fit an Armster armrest. + Remove interior plastics and re-spray (main console black, like facelift models, steering wheel, door handle and vent surround plastics to be red - I'm a black and red kinda guy!) + Respray the brake callipers red. Here's where I need your advice: I've been looking at performance upgrades, and due to the 3 year warranty and servicing I'm getting as part of the deal for my car (from Pilgrims of March, Cambridgeshire - very impressive) I don't want to do anything that will void my warranty. Therefore, Mountune parts are the way to go.. Could anyone who has heard or owns a Catback Exhaust system tell me the increase in sound, and the relative performance difference? http://www.mountunestore.com/collections/mk7-fiesta-1-6-ti-vct/products/fiesta-b299-cat-back-exhaust Alongside this, i'm looking at fitting the Intake Kit, what performance gains does this produce? http://www.mountunestore.com/collections/mk7-fiesta-1-6-ti-vct/products/fiesta-b299-induction-kit?variant=839669805 Finally, will these http://www.mountunestore.com/collections/mk7-fiesta-1-6-ti-vct/products/fiesta-b299-high-performance-plug-lead-set make a difference if I get some high-quality sparks? If so, any recommendations? As a new guy, I really appreciate any feedback and assistance! David :D
  22. Replacement Interior Trim

    Hi All, I would like to replace all the interior (silver) trim on my 2010 Fiesta Titanium as they are begining to look a little worn and dated (especailly pieces on the doors) I've previously seen a US company selling replacement parts for all the silver trim parts (Speedo & rev counter trim, around the radio, air vents, door trim) but cant remember the name or website, anyone know where I can get them from. Hope that all makes sense Lee
  23. Hello, I need to replace my horrible Arnold Clark registration plates as they are all water marked, plus they were attached using screws! (Pet hate of mine!) I can't decide if I want the thin black border outline on them or not.. I had them on my silver golf and it looked pretty good, I didn't bother with my red bmw but I think they looked pretty cheap. My fiesta is black and has the chrome front end.. basically I'm looking for some photos of your regy plates! Preferably on a black fezza! I was using the registration plate creator on Demon Plates to 'toggle' the border on and off and I can't decide. Might seem silly but I know it will annoy me if I get it wrong lol. Cheers team, Gary. PS I'll not be putting any stickers or slogans on it and I'll attached them using tape!
  24. Ford Fiesta Zetec Blue Mk 6.5

    From the album Fiesta Zetec 2008

  25. Ford Fiesta Zetec Blue Mk 6.5

    From the album Fiesta Zetec 2008