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Found 25 results

  1. Hi there, I want a little help. I have a 2006 Focus C-MAX 2L TDCI that is stuck in safe mode. I have EML on at present and the error message states "Particulate Matter(PM)trap differential pressure sensor circuit" and "Particulate Matter(PM)trap differential pressure sensor circuit range/performance". Three questions: 1) From what I can find via google, this is telling me that there is a difference between input and output pressure through the DPF - possibly a blocked pipe or dirty sensor but might also be the DPF itself needs replacing/cleaning. Is this correct? 2) Does this mean that my DPF needs replacing or is it more likely to be a sensor fault? 3) The Safe mode appears to have become intermittent. After 4 days of owning the car, I started it this morning and got the full range of Revs out of it for the 1 mile journey to school but then for he 15 mile route to work, I was stuck with 2750-3000RPM Maximum - is this a good or a bad sign? I put some DPF cleaner into the tank on Sunday when I topped up (100ml to half a tank of fuel) and have been running it 30 miles a day at around 50mph for 75% of the journey times - I will repeat this at each fill up for the next few weeks to see if it clears it and each time I can get higher revs out of it, I will do so as I know that this can clear the DPF and it's pipes and sensors (more google-ing told me that) - the previous owner had it for around 4 months but was doing about 6-7 miles per day for work and no more than 10 on a day off for the whole time he owned the car so I have a feeling it is just a plugged pipe. Would others agree or could it be worse than it seems?
  2. Learn to Solder

    So how do i start this other than saying, being in this industry for so many years i have seen the brilliant to the extreme cowboy.Check my wheels tv will be providing video tutorials starting at the basics ranging up to the high voltage,Which is where the world is heading towards, we would of all heard about the 2040 big news and how not one combustion engine will be produced in the u.k and most likely europe for that matter. I belive we need to raise the awarness of how important, 1. Auto electrics are in todays world and 2. How important it is in tommorows world. I would like to know everybodies thoughts on this topics as well, not of the learning topic but more of the 2040. What type of business are you in and the effects of this new law. If there is enough interest in this then i will be making a topic of discussion just for this reason. please memember to subscribe to the youtube channel if you would like to learn and future videos thanks.
  3. Evening all. First post, please let me know if I'm in the wrong place. I've a 1.6 td 2005 c-max I'm recently having trouble with. Just rolled over 125k miles, and the last service was at 120k. It had a new turbo fitted by the previous owner. It's really sluggish, taking forever to get up to speed. Like the turbo's not doing anything. The fuel economy is also down in the low 30's, which is no good at all. I've and listened and had a quick feel around under the bonnet and there's no leaks in the turbo pipes. And pointers or ideas would be great, we've got a baby on the way and we're having to move house in a fortnight, so to get this ticked off the list would be great.
  4. Hi everyone I am new to the forum so i apologize if this topic has been discussed before. My cigarette lighter doesnt work and i have had a look at all of the fuses underneath the glove box in the car and found no broken ones, i heard that sometimes there are fuses in the boot but when i looked i couldnt find any. i am not sure what to do about it.. any help would be appreciated thanks Also after the person at halfords and finished fiddling with my fuses, my central locking no longer locks the car, the only door that locks is the drivers side and thats using the key in the lock. i dont know if she has loosened a connection of some sort or what but there is still some communication between my key and the car because it still clicks when i press the buttons, the car just doesnt lock.. again any help would be appreciated.. thanks sorry for the long essay lol.
  5. Is this Ford Sync?

    Which version of Sync is this? If it's not Sync, what's it called? I can't find any version info anywhere. It's a 2011/61 Grand C-Max, navigation, voice control, not Sony. Etis says 'less sync' and Ford India's login site says it doesn't have Sync - but it's got bluetooth with music track info and steering wheel control, phonebook and call log browsing, voice control (although not for phonebook search) and a USB socket in the centre armrest. It sounds like these are Sync-y features? Can I update it? I'd like to be able to long-hold the voice button to trigger Google Now/Siri.
  6. 2013 model on 13 plate (3 years old), 13,500 miles. Good fuel used (not supermarket), full ford service history. On a 30 mile commute each day, I at least once get a judder through the accelerator pedal and the rev needle flickers up to an additional 1000rpm for just a few seconds simultaneously. This usually happens just prior or after changing gears mostly 4th, 5th and 6th (normal acceleration, not being thrashed). Taken to Ford garage twice, they plug in ECU and cannot find anything wrong. Warranty runs out in 6 months, don't want problem to worsen and then get a huge out of warranty bill. Worried also that the juddering will happen when overtaking or pulling out onto a slip lane, as although there is no loss of power when this occurs, it does not pick up speed either. If anyone can assist, please reply. Many thanks.
  7. I've just bought a 54 plate Focus C-Max 1.6 diesel. The previous owner told me that he has very recently changed the battery and since then there has been this beeping sound from the dash. It is a long beep that sounds for about 3 seconds every couple of minutes. Any suggestions on what could be causing it and how to rectify?
  8. It's possibly been asked before but couldn't find it... I'm struggling to tell the difference between the front end of a Mark 2 Focus and a C-MAX of the same year. (I've had a look at a parts catalogue, and it seems to suggest they're the same. I think.) I need a front wing (in Magnum Grey) for my Mark 2, but can only find (second-hand) examples for C-MAXs. Are these interchangeable, or are they different? Thanks in advance :)
  9. C-max 1.8 Petrol Engine Needed

    Hi, I need a 1.8 petrol cmax engine of any is going for sale . Engine code QQDA/QQDB Thanks
  10. Cargo Net For C-Max 2013

    Hi, I just became owner of a c-max 1.0 ecoboost titanium 2013 and i am looking for a cargo net so i am able to close the space from the backseats to ceiling. I am not looking for a metal frame but for an easier solution like a net so if for the holidays i need to store cargo till the ceiling it doesn't move into the car when breaking etc. Anyone knows where i can buy this for reasonable price and let it send to Spain as i am based in Spain. Thanks for the help
  11. Good Afternoon, I bought a 54 plate 1.8 Ford Focus C-Max Zetec last month and it has a problem with the petrol and rev counter all dropping below the 0/empty lines and they are running below what they should when the car is running. Its hard to tell if the temperature gauge also has the same issue. Also I have found that the car is over revving when the car is stationary. Does anyone know what the fault is? Is it a sensor fault? At this time of year I don't have the money to go and get a fault diagnostics report done (The previous owner had got an engine one done prior to us buying it and it was clear) Thank you in advance for any help/idea's to what it can be. Emma
  12. Hi All, I thought I would try and make this more open to the public as Ford seem to be doing everything they can to not tell customers about this issue. I own a 58 plate (Registered 09) Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI Duratorq, since the car was new it has suffered from 2 issues. Issue 1 - While driving on the motorway the car will have intermittent hesitations when accelerating. This will usually happen then naturally allowing the car to decrease speed by taking your foot off the accelerator then applying it again. This can also happen when just cruising in 5th. Issue 2 - This cannot be replicated however randomly you can get a violent jolt forward with the error displayed on the dash "Engine Malfunction". The car will go into limp mode then when you pull over turn the ignition off, wait a minute and start again will be cleared and free to drive normally again. My car has been into Ford for this issue during its warranty period and after it expired to be told there were error codes relating to a particular injector however they were telling me all 4 needed replacing at £1500. The issue was so intermittent and could go months without it happening I have not yet had them replaced. I cover 350 miles a week commuting and can got weeks/months with no occurrences of this. Ford have never told me about a known issue with the injectors until recently when I took my car to the Ford dealership in Eastleigh, Hampshire. One of their service department told me they were aware of a known issue with a batch of injectors ending in the part number 3. While my car was in for diagnostics they advised all 4 of my injectors ended in 3 and would need replacing at guess what... you got it £1500. I argued that surely if this was a known issue with a bad batch Ford should replace these. They said not and the car is out of warranty so I will have to foot the bill. I asked whether there was any documentation on this however they said no, even their customer services director categorically told me nothing existed after checking with their service desk. I have since found out online and from help from the guys on this forum and other that there is in fact a TSB (technical service bulletin) released by Ford documenting which cars are affected and saying what I had been told about the injectors ending in 3. The TSB is TSB 27/2012 dated 14/05/12 and affects 1.8L Duratorq-TDCi (Lynx) engines between 2008/2009. It affects the Focus, Mondeo, C-Max, Transit connect and Tourneo. The title of the bulletin is "Excessive combustion noise and or hesitation during light load acceleration with the engine at high operating temperature". I don’t believe I can post the bulletin in full due to copyright however I can pm this to anyone interested. The bulletin states that there are PCM calibrations released to try and help the injector nozzle performance however Ford failed to tell me about the TSB or the PCM calibrations once in all the times my car was in for diagnostics. I have raised a complaint with Ford regarding this however they are unwilling to replace the parts at their cost, I have told them I am willing to pay for the labour however I don’t feel I should foot the bill for the parts given they were fitted from brand new faulty. I have so far got them to discount the price from £1500 to £1100 then recently a further 30% off this price. Still not happy as still leaves me with a £6-£700 bill to replace faulty parts they fitted. I would advised contacting Mark Ovende via this email address - movende1@ford.com He is the MD at Ford Motor Company. Mark will not respond however you will get a call back from the Ford Head Office. I was initially told they wouldn’t do anything however after continuous emails and phone called I have got them to discount the total initial quote by around 50%. It appears Ford are doing whatever they can to not tell customers about this issue so they have to pay out a fortune to replace parts that were not fit for purpose. Ford should issue a recall as this affects a lot of cars and is potentially dangerous. The fact they are not even telling customers there is a PCM update which could help is shocking, the go straight for the replacements instead. A free or £95 PCM update or £1500 to replace all 4 injectors....... disgusting. I want to try let as many people know about this as I can so they dont get lied to and forced into spending thousands when a PCM update might fix it. Ford should replace these parts at their cost not the customers regardless of warranty on the car. This whole situation has put me off buying another Ford especially from the dealerships I have dealt with. Regards Allister
  13. Please delete post, duplicated when posting
  14. Please delete post, duplicated when posting
  15. As title, I'm new here. Just got myself a c-max 1.6 zetec. Happy with it so far. Only had it since Thursday so early days. I've gone from a Yaris to Auris to C-Max. Liking the bigger car so far 👍
  16. Hello, maybe someone knows where in Ford C-MAX 2007-2010 is bluetooth module? My Ford: **************(maybe my ford don't have bluetooth module?).
  17. I have a 2004 C-Max, having some issues with the central locking First noticed it few days ago where the keyfob would unlock all doors except the front-passenger door, the lockbutton above the handle stays pushed in. Unable to open the door manually by pulling the handle or the lockbutton, it has no keyhole on outside. The door is perma-closed It has now spread to both the rear passenger doors, neither of them will unlock when I use the keyfob. The offside rear passenger door will unlock manually, the nearside one will not. The same symptoms are there if I unlock the car manually by the driver keyhole, only the driver door will unlock. I have tried the following with no resolution - reprogramming the key to unlock just driver door, or unlock all doors (this is done by unlocking with keyfob, then pressing the lock/unlock button together until the hazards blink) - reregistering the key to the car (done by turning ignition from 0 to II about 4-5 times until hear a beep, take key out and press a button until hear another beep) - have replaced the keys battery - have replaced the central locking fuses of F77 and F55. I saw in a wiring diagram that F41, F72, F81 and F82 also serve central locking but they had no fuses present in my fusebox - have removed the central locking fuses to see if the other doors release, they do not - spraying WD40 into the interior handles, the driver door keyhole, locklatch (on side) The above things I've tried are from various threads I've been reading through on this forum and another the past couple days. I remember seeing one thread saying the driver door lock mechanism controls the other doors and something along the lines that the wiring/solenoid might be damp or dirty so it isn't reporting to the central locking system that the door is unlocked thus releasing the passenger doors but I cannot find this thread again My plan tomorrow is to work out how to get the driver door card off and have a poke about in there, see if anything is damp or needs cleaning in the first instance. Is there a guide somewhere on getting the door card off, what to look for inside etc etc? It has been raining almost non-stop for 2days so my money is on damp and I want to take a look thanks in advance
  18. Had my 2010 C-Max 2 months and the passenger footwell carpet was soaked after a long wet weekend. Took carpet up and the insulation was saturated, couldn't find the source of the water entry after much searching in the car and online! Returned car to Ford main dealer who had it for two periods of 5 days each, much water testing, but they couldnt find the problem. No charge and a courtesy car provided so cannot fault them for that. However, looking again today, I found the daft problem. About 6 inches in front of the passenger seat in the footwell is a small circular plastic grommet about 20mm dia. Yes you guessed it, although it looked a tight fit.....it wasnt and I reckon it was able to lift up and down in the hole under the spray from the road and through which you can see the road!!! Resealed grommit and now a dry carpet.
  19. Hello

    Hi I bought a 2004 C-Max diesel 1.6 in August and decided to join here today so I can research any problems. Had a Granada years ago. Just changed from a Volvo because of rising fuel prices and have been very happy with my Ford Caitriona
  20. Hi guys, I'm thinking about lowering my c-max using eibach springs with my stock shocks. I've read various reports about this, some say it works fine, others say it'll destroy the shocks. Has anyone done this on their c-max? Does it work ok? Thanks in advance!
  21. Hi guys, I'm thinking about lowering my c-max using eibach springs with my stock shocks. I've read various reports about this, some say it works fine, others say it'll destroy the shocks. Has anyone done this on their c-max? Does it work ok? Thanks in advance! Paul
  22. Hi Everyone!!

    Hello everyone! I've just got myself a C-max so I thought I'd join this fine forum. .... Hi!!
  23. Hello guys, my hobby is reviewing cars (perhaps a future career path?) and have recently reviewed a C-Max 1.6 TDCI Titanium and am always looking for feedback (Good or bad) so I can improve. I was just wondering whether you could have a look. :) Many thanks, Rob Booth
  24. 2008 C-Max Esp Light On

    Hello, I have a 2008 Ford C-Max 1.6 Zetec. It has done almost 40,000 miles and all of a sudden the ESP light on the dashboard has come on. I have looked in the manual to see what this means and it does not give much information. I have also attempted at putting the ESP on using the on board computer but it will not let me. Can anyone please tell me what this is and what affect it has on the car? And also is it a simple job to fix? Thanks, Martin
  25. Dash Problem

    Hi, This is my first post so i'd like to thank everyone in advance for any feedback. We have recently had a problem on our c-max whilst we were driving. All of a sudden the temperature gauge went from reading the correct temperature to blank lines and the red snowflake came on to signal freezing or below even though it was about 10 degrees. The indicators do not make any clicking sounds when they are on and the full beam light doesn't come on when used. The indicators and the full beam work on the outside. We thought it could be the stalk which has broken as they are on the same one but the toggle works to scroll through the tripometer and the menu. The hand brake warning sign is permanently on along with the red snowflake. The warning noises for when the lights are left on when you open a door don't work. The door warning signs do not work. The central locking will open but will not lock the car. The boot has to be opened by the button on the key as the button on the car will not work. The internal lights remain on even when doors are closed and have to be switched off manually. The hazard light doesn't make any noise. The clock and the date reset at the time but now they are correct as we reset them. Our car mechanic thinks that we may need to take the car to a Ford garage to reset the computer as he thinks that there is a problem with the dashboard. Just wondered if anyone has had the same problem or if someone has any advice. Much appreciated. Thanks. 2008, 1.6, Zetec