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Found 58 results

  1. I have a strange problem with the drivers door on my Mondeo I lock the car every think is fine when I go to unlock it I press the unlock button on the remote and all the doors unlock except the drivers door I have to press the unlock button again on the remote to unlock the drivers door does anyone know why this happens and how I can fix it
  2. Mk6 fiesta double lock

    Hi I'm sorry if this has been posted somewhere already or if I have posted in wrong place but I have a problem with my cars central locking as i can not double lock the car at all either by key in door or remote but remote doesn't seem to work regardless of what I try new battery reprogramme anything has anyone come across this problem with the double locking before if so any pointers please would be appreciated Forgot to mention i have a 1.6 mk6 fiesta ghia 52 plate
  3. Hi All! The remote locking on my Ford Focus MK1 2002 has stopped working and I cannot figure out why. I replaced the battery in my key. This did not work. I bought a new blank key and tried to pair it to the remote central locking. This did not work. I put the key blade and battery side of the existing key onto the new keys RF chip side. This did not work. I can lock the car manually fine, I just cannot figure out why the remote locking is not working. The car enters programming mode ( 2 - 0, 4 times) and beeps, but pressing or holding down the buttons on the key does not result in another beep to confirm remote pairing. Could it possibly be fuse 63? Or has the remote transponder in the car died? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I'm after fitting an aftermarket RCL to my girlfriends Fiesta. It has central locking at the moment but the drivers door doesn't work with it (suspect it's the solenoid on that side). Would fitting an aftermarket remote system fix the drivers door issue? Am I best getting this type http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CAR-REMOTE-CENTRAL-DOOR-LOCKING-KIT-NEW-/160880444466?pt=UK_Car_Accessories_Safety_Security&hash=item257538c432#ht_500wt_1361 or this one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/REMOTE-CENTRAL-LOCKING-CONVERSION-KIT-KEYLESS-ENTRY-UPGRADE-VW-NEW-PACKED-/310366111086?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item484343056e#ht_1855wt_1111 Thanks.
  5. I have a weird thing happening recently on my Mk2 and wonder if it anyone else has noticed something similar. Basically, everything is ok opening up and starting the engine, but then I randomly get noises as if the central locking activates and disactivates on its own as I am driving. I don't think the doors actually lock, but just make the noise a few times as if they are (the noise you get when you press the remote locking button), and this usually happens soon after starting the engine and pulling away, but this morning it happened after about half an hour of driving as I arrived at work. Sometimes it doesn't happen at all. All this does not affect the way the car drives or anything, but just wondering if this might be an early warning of a problem developing, and one day I won't be able to get into the car or something. Anyone had anything like this before or any ideas what it could be?
  6. MK1 central locking

    Hi all, A couple of mornings ago I tried unlocking my car with the remote button and nothing happened. Tired a few times and then it finally unlocked (thought the fob battery might be running low). Got to work and it locked fine. Fast forward to the next evening (yesterday) and when I went to lock the car it would automatically unlock itself. (Was over 30C here yesterday - linked?). Then move forward to this morning and it stays locked when I press the fob, all apart from the drivers door. Same when I unlock. I have to put the key in for the drivers door, which doesn't do the other 3 doors. Some random events over the last 3 days. Not sure if there's something linking all of these or what. Ideas? I'm thinking of disconnecting the battery and resetting the car this weekend. Is that worth while or completely useless for the above? Thanks in advance!
  7. Morning, Looking for some advice please. I have a 62 plate Ford Kuga which I have had for 18 months & up to now no issues. Over the last week I have noticed that the passenger door behind the driver is permanently locked & won't open from the inside manually or when unlocking the car with the remote keys. Can anyone please advise / suggest what needs to be done or is it a trip to the garage? Thanks
  8. Watters666

    Hello readers, I have an old 1.4 fiesta ghia (2003) 5 door, GEM test shows both front and rear page her doors have faults as the door open light stays on. As a result, I cannot lock the car. Is there a way I can bypass the wiring to sort this, I do not want to spend more money on it, but would like to be able to lock it, I have no worries about taking the inner panels off if need be. Thanks for any info...
  9. Hi, I have recently bought a 58 plate ST150 the seller informed me there was a problem opening the drivers door since he repaired a cable for the window. It will lock ok on the fob, but can only be opened by the key in the door. The passenger door opens correctly. I also have a warning on the dash saying the passenger door is open oddly enough. The previous owner thought he had knocked something off on reassembly. I removed the door card and glass today but couldn't find anything off. I pressed open on the fob, when the door was open and in bits and the lock does make some noise as if it is trying to do something. Has anyone any ideas on what the issue could be please
  10. All the other doors work fine, by key and remote, but drivers door stays locked. Once you open it from inside it relocks itself a while later (don't know how long, occasionally it doesn't, but mostly does. Any ideas? Done all the reprogramming tricks but made no difference. Thanks in advance
  11. Hi all, i am hoping I am not the only person with this issue but my girlfriends 2009 1.4 Titanium fiesta has an intermittent central locking issue. this can go for weeks with no issues, but suddenly while driving the warning will come up saying drivers door is open. Once stopped and get out the car it will not lock manually or via the fob. It makes a click and no flashes of hazards or lights. This can last for up to 48 hours then suddenly it will work. The concern is in an unknown location it may not lock and can't leave the car! i am a newbie to the FOC, however been part of other owners club forums (puma owners, rs owners) and know that people like me can be frustrating, however I have used the search bar and pretty much googled every combination to find a result for this issue. i am hoping someone has the fix for this and I can get it sorted for her. Luckily she works close to home and in a secure car park. thanks in advance all! muddy27!
  12. I have the same problem but my central locking stops working completely and this only happens on very cold days when it's cold enough for the windscreen to freeze over and the problem usually goes away after 20 mins of motorway driving with the heater all the way up, any suggestions would be much appreciated, checked the connectors under the glove compartment they are not loose, i have also taken them all out and given them a good blast of electrical contact cleaner same with the connectors and relays under the bonnet and the binnacle itself as well but the problem still persists.
  13. Hey ! so basically my first car at the age of 22 was the 2000 ford focus ghia with the 130hp 2.0 zetec lump. i had a crash that resulted in my front bumper and crash bar being destroyed and i then proceeded to put on a facelift bumper and mk2 headlights with the crash bar from the mk2 to keep the car roadworthy etc and everything went great ! colour matched the bumper, tinted the fog lights yellow and lowered the car on 35mm Apexi springs with the st170 drop-links on the front and standard shocks all round. i absolutely love the car but the state of the rear bushings meant that the nearside rear wheel was off and the whole rear end crabbed off to the right when rolling anywhere. recently i have written off my beloved "gerty" (it was a very emotional day and i even said the words goodbye as i slowly walked past with a wobbly lip) and have acquired a 2002 mk1.5 1.4 focus CL due to both my crashed being in my first year and the second one bringing two separate claims. 1.4 is good on fuel and makes a nice noise but is gutless i would absolutely love to put my 2.0 engine in the place of this new 1.4 and proceed to lower this second focus on the same springs whil renewing all the bushings underneath as i am desperately infatuated with the way these cars handle when stiff :) the plan is to brace up this three door body with front and rear struts, convert it to run the brakes and wheel hubs from the ghia and transfer some trim along with the clocks and trip computer with the engine. in an ideal world i would have all the central locking brought over as well but i just dont know what is possible at this stage and how much i would be looking to spend. i plan on keeping this car for 2-3 years and driving it with appropriate vigor. so basically.......... can anybody help me pretty please ?
  14. Reprogramming key?

    Hi Guys, Really simple question here. I recall seeing somewhere either on this forum or a different site that it is possible to program the MK2.5 central locking key to double lock the car when you hit the lock button once (instead of the standard - twice within 3 seconds). There was something to do with holding down two of the buttons at the same time for a couple of seconds but I just cant remember and for the life of me I can't find instructions anywhere! I recently got into the habit of double locking so I can see the indicators flashing from a distance to let me know the car is locked. Any help is appreciated!
  15. The central locking on my 98 focus is playing up. Sometimes when i unlock the drivers door, it doesn't do the rest. I either have to slam the door a few times or just wait, 5 mins or so. Any ideas ?
  16. First of all, hello, all! I bought a 2004 streetKA yesterday at a bargain price. I was made aware that the central locking only worked with the key in the door. I took the car anyway and decided to get as far as I could before seeking advice...So, here goes! 1 - The key fob communicates with the car. 2 - Pressing the lock button causes the passenger side to lock, then unlock; drivers door remains silent; no lights flash. 3 - the key in the drivers door locks both doors. 4 - the key in passenger door locks the passenger door, then unlocks again. 5 - if I press the lock button on the key fob, whilst simultaneously, manually locking the drivers door causes the lights to flash, as the manual says, to show that the central locking has worked. 6 - if I disconnect the drives door like/trunk wiring and then press lock on the key fob, the lights flash and the passenger door locks. 7 - at no point has the alarm seemed to arm. It has not sounded or given me any indication that it's on. That's as detailed as I have been with diagnostics. Here are my queries: Would this have an affect on the alarm system not arming or am I looking at separate issues? (I've changed fuse 33, still nothing) How do I get the locking motor out of the door and where is it? I'm no electrician but with your guys' help, I might be able to solve the alarm problem! Thanks in advance! Perry
  17. Hi, I've just bought a Ford Fusion 2 2004 and it only came with 1 key (the one with the blue thing in the top corner) I ordered a replacement central locking door key on ebay and tried to code it the car using the instructions in the owners handbook which goes something like: "turn the ignition from 2 to 0 four times in 6 seconds, you will then here a chime sound and the this means the car is in program mode" the problem is I'm following this instruction perfectly but I'm not getting the chime sound at the end. does anyone know what's up with it? Cheers
  18. Hi all, I hope you are well. Recently I have been having issues with the double locking on my ST. Pressing the button once works every time, but the double lock only works when it feels like it and it seems to be getting worse and worse! I got a new fob battery off eBay thinking it potentially hasn't been changed in 7 years but i still have the same problem. It used to work when i would unlock the doors then re-lock it again but I was at Tesco the other day unlocking and re-locking hoping the double lock would kick in, must have looked a right lemon! Don't know if this means anything but i tried locking the car while i was inside to see what was going on and the doors lock fine but when i press the button again for the double lock I would just hear a click noise come from the dash to the right of the steering wheel but nothing happened! Has anyone had or heard of this problem? Did a bit of Googling and found a few forum posts with instructions to put the key in the lock turn it a few times, press some buttons. blah blah, i will try this on my lunch break at work and see if it works but I wanted to run it by you guys and girls first as I don't want to "reset" my key or anything! Just baffles me that the doors lock fine its just not having the double lock! Thank you! Alex.
  19. 1998 mondeo st24

    my keyfob stopped working a few years ago and I was quite happy to operate with the key. Today the key stopped working and I cannot even lock the doors. Sound advice NEEDED If you require any further pleas for help PLEASE ASK regards Bill
  20. Hi everyone, my key on my focus mk2.5 has stopped working. I have changed the battery and tried doing the reset thing by turning the ignition on and off 5 times quickly, that resulted in a single beep and when I pressed one of the buttons a few times for the next step I got nothing. I tried holding the button, I tried pressing the button repeatedly a few times, I tried it in the ignition and out of the ignition, but still got nothing. I lost my normal key yesterday and this is me using my spare so don't know if the key is simply broken. As I remember though my original key slowly decided to gradually not want to unlock it from distances. Any help would be appreciated!
  21. Central locking broken

    Hi everyone, my key on my focus mk2.5 has stopped working. I have changed the battery and tried doing the reset thing by turning the ignition on and off 5 times quickly, that resulted in a single beep and when I pressed one of the buttons a few times for the next step I got nothing. I tried holding the button, I tried pressing the button repeatedly a few times, I tried it in the ignition and out of the ignition, but still got nothing. I lost my normal key yesterday and this is me using my spare so don't know if the key is simply broken. As I remember though my original key slowly decided to gradually not want to unlock it from distances. Any help would be appreciated!
  22. Hi everyone, I've come across a strange problem which i'm hoping may be an easy fix to those of you with more experience than me. I've recently acquired an old 51 plate focus. While trying to fix a central locking related issue I followed some instructions on this fine forum and decided that I would check 'fuse 63' on the back of the internal fuse board. Having checked this to find it wasn't blown I replaced the fuse. Ever since replacing it the car alarm has been sounding every time i start the car or open the passenger door (cant unlock drivers door using the key which is the locking issue I was originally trying to solve). The car starts no problem but it is always accompanied by the hazard warning lights flashing and the alarm going off! To remedy this I have unplugged the horn but this is only a temporary fix to avoid waking the neighbors up when I head off to work tomorrow. Does anyone know why this is happening or how I can fix it? It may be relevant to explain that the central locking was a bit iffy when i got the car and the key fob was already broken i.e. would not operate the central locking by pressing the button. It came with the original fob key plus two other non remote keys. I have ordered another battery for the fob in the hopes that by some miracle it may just be an old battery which is at fault. Short of this any tips would be VERY much appreciated (by me and my poor neighbors). Before I posted this I searched the forum for an answer to a similar issue but could not find anything that matched my problem. My apologies if this is a question which has already been covered. Thanks to anyone who can offer their advice. Lewis
  23. I've recently acquired a 2001 Ford fiesta, and the only issue is that the central locking only works from the passenger side door. Twisting the key on the driver's side produces no sound and does no action, yet it works fine on the passenger, which I think rules out fuse problems as after consulting the wiring diagram there appears to be only one fuse. Does anyone have any ideas? I'd rather fix it myself than have to take it to a garage.
  24. Hi, Seems to be an intermittent issue, but sometimes when I unlock the car it unlocks the trunk/boot too. I realise when i start to drive off the notification that the boot is open. Anyone else have this issue or have any suggestions? usually unlock it by opening the door (not from key fob) ...can't remember if i used the fob when this issue occured last tho..
  25. Hi all, new to this site as I have just bought my first Ford! OK so its a really old 2000 Focus but that's what I could afford. I have had to do some small bit of work to get it past the NCT but I am now looking at fixing an annoying central locking issue. There is no remote locking on this model it is just the standard torch key type key. When you lock/unlock from drivers door, the central locking does not work at all it only unlocks the drivers door. However on passenger door it is very intermittent. In the 1 month I have owned the car, it must have worked about 3 times unlocking all doors from passenger side. Its so annoying because I now have to take the key out of the ignition every time to open the boot as the release button does not work when the central locking is not operational and I have to manually unlock all doors from inside for passengers. I suspected the fuse at first as it was not working at all, but then when it worked intermittently from passenger door I discounted that. Is there anywhere I can start to fault test on this? It must be a sensor or switch somewhere that is not working. I am not even sure if the alarm works because the "double locking" does not seem to work as per the manual and there are no flashing lights when I lock the door, although the tiny internal red light flashes after locking up. Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks.