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Found 9 results

  1. Sorry for posting again but I never got an answer and this noise is driving me nuts. The engine makes a horrible sound when first started as shown in the video. Once warm the sound goes but there is a very slight similar sound on gear change (when revs drop). Recently serviced with engine flush, castrol 5w30 oil used and oil filter replaced. Exhaust flex joint was blowing so that was also replaced. Oil is at a correct level. No smoke on start up. It's a 1.6 petrol with 60000 miles on the clock
  2. Hi, my 2010 1.6 petrol Fiesta ZS sounds almost like a diesel when first started. Once the car warms up the noise gets better and after it is driven the noise goes away. My question is: Is this normal? - if so then is it safe to drive before the engine warms up? - if not then what could be the issue? Anyone else who exprienced this issue please reply so we could either find a solution or put all our minds at rest.
  3. Stiff 2nd Gear

    I have a mk2 55 plate ford focus 2.0 TDCI, I have noticed that 2nd gear is stiff to engage from a cold start (usually when left over night), if I put it in 2nd to fast it often makes a 'crunching' noise. Once the car has warmed up and ive changed into 2nd a few times it gets better and better? Any idea's what this may be? It's a re-con gearbox and I had a similar issue on the previous original gearbox but it was alot worse and also reverse was very difficult to engage. All other gears feel fine and 'new like' its just the 2nd gear.... (note gearbox is only about a month old and has covered little miles)... Any advice would be appreciated!!!
  4. Ive got a zetec s 1.6 Ti-Vct 2009 reg with 52000 miles and fsh, over the past few days its strugling to start usually when its been left sitting for a few hours. It takes quite a few goes to get it started, it turns over and almost starts and the revs go back to zero and it starts hunting and chugging until it starts up on its own, there is a strong smell of petrol at the same time but I resume that its just chucking fuel in to get it going. Earlier I had to push the accelerator to the floor to get it going! Other times you turn the key and it starts and stalls and again the hunting thing happens ( revs up and down between zero and 10k rpm). Have noticed that i get a slight hesitation when accelerating too. Also on a different subject ive noticed sometimes when i start up the car the audio display gets stuck on 'ford audio' and i have to switch the stereo off and on to get the radio display back. any help would be great thanks :)
  5. Hi I have a 2.0L diesel on an 11 plate. Very good car, done 86k miles and no problems until some weeks ago when starting from cold first thing the morning. It fires ok and for several seconds runs well but then develops a "misfire" and runs very lumpy. If you try an get the engine to clear by gently pressing the throttle it may run worse or even stall. After maybe 2/3 minutes the problem will apparently clear and drive on 4 cylinders but with a prnounced rattle when accelarating. As the engine warms up so the rattle will disappear. Fuel consumption and performance is good when warm/hot. If car is left for hours during the rest of the day the problem will not appear until the following morning. Left car in garage last night so it was warmer by 4 degees and problem was no where near so bad. Is there a temperature sensor that controls the cold start for example? Any other ideas please? Mike
  6. I have a fiesta 1.4 2003 zetec. When the engine and weather is cold, usually the morning. It is difficult to start the car. It starts but then immediately cuts out. The second time i would start it and rev slightly and wait until the engine gets warm (if i do not rev the engine would cut out again) After it is warm the engine is fine. This is extremely annoying when I'm in a rush to work! Any ideas why this is?
  7. Hi Chaps, Apologies if this is placed somewhere else, but I have just bought an 06 1.6 TDCi Zetec S fiesta. When started in the morning it seems to have a rough idle with some minor smoke on start-up, drives fine and within 20-30 secs it idles fine, no problems when its warm. I checked the menu on the dash display, it doesn't appear to have any fault codes on there, but one thing I have noticed, I have never seen the glow plug light illuminate during starting. Next step for me is to run some injector cleaner through the system, but has anyone had similar problems ? Thanks, Steve
  8. Hi all, Having a slight issue with my radiator fan. I've noticed it kicking in full blast on cold starts, ie 6am when I first start the engine. It also decides to kick in after I turn the engine off. It doesn't happen all the time, just occasionally, sometimes for 2 minutes other times for over 20. I know it's the fan because I stuck my hand in the way and could feel the air one of the times it happened. I've searched through the forums for this, and all I can find is dpf regen, but mine is the 90ps without the dpf so that's ruled out. Any ideas on what's wrong? The car is still in warranty from the dealer, so need to go in with an idea, mainly because it's not a Ford dealer. Thanks in advance, Peange
  9. Hi All I have a lovely little 1996 automatic fiesta ghia, Ive only had it a week but have noticed (from the first start up!) that when I start the car it will start up first time lovely, but as soon as i put it into drive it coughs and cuts out, the engine will only stay on when the temperature gage is in normal, it wont stay on if the engine is cold, i could understand this in the winter but its boiling hot out there and i still have to sit and wait for the engine to heat up properly before i can put the car into drive.....has anyone else had this problem or is it completely normal? Thanks in advanve for any replies :) Ann Marie