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Found 44 results

  1. Hello all, My bracket that holds my ignition coil is badly damaged and only has one screw holding on to the coil, which is badly stripped. I've tried drilling them out which only got me so far.. (Looks worse now too) I'm thinking of changing the whole bracket if it's possible. I can see that it connects to the engine with 2 bolts (I think) and has 2 hoses connected to it for the coolant. My copy of the Haynes manual (page 5B.2) say that it's the "Coolant outlet elbow" however I cannot find any results for this when putting it in Google. I have found this image on ebay of an engine someone is selling, it's attached to it. I'm really struggling on what to do next, can anyone please help me Thank you! :)
  2. Hi I have a 2012 Ford focus 1.6 Tdci 85Kw my engine runs cold almost every time . Some times it gets to idle temperature but cools back. I have changed the thermostate house withe the termostat and temperature sensor. The active grill seems to bee working. Im a mechanic its my own car but i am stuck a litle bit. :)
  3. Hi guys bit of a problem, done a coolant change and one of the o rings on the drain plug fell apart as I unscrewed it. Can this be replaced if so how as I was trying to be gentle with it as it's plastic but doesn't want to come off completely
  4. Hello! I have had a bit of an issue with my 2012 Ford Fiesta recently in that my coolant Level keeps dropping. On closer inspection, I couldn't see any external leaks i.e. Coolant on the ground under my car or around the coolant pipes. I took the car to the garage who told me after looking it over, that there is no coolant getting to the engine at all, which would explain why it has felt so hot despite me refilling coolant reservoir frequently. Does anyone have an idea what might be the issue here? I am thinking there may be an issue with the thermostat (stuck in the closed position and so preventing coolant from reaching the engine?), but I'm not too sure in all honesty. I have to drive from Lancaster to Shropshire (just under a 2 hour journey) on Sunday as I'm coming back home from University so any advice/help/experience with this issue would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Leaking De-gas hose

    I noticed a leak on one of my coolant hoses this weekend, having done some research online I discovered the problem is with the De-gas hose and a known issue with 1.0L ecoboosts. I called up Ford who confirmed there is a recall on my car and its been booked in for Wednesday. Can anybody advise if theres a way to patch the small crack on the hose so I can drive it to the dealership 4 miles away? I tried electrical tape but this came off under the temperature of the leaking coolant. Thanks
  6. Hi all These forums have been a real help so far and now am hoping someone is able to help me. My Mondeo MK4 2009 1.8 TDCI suddenly overheated last week after a loss of heating inside the cabin. I was towed home by RAC and then had a mechanic come and look over the car. He replaced the coolant expansion tank, thermostat and also did a complete flush of the cooling system. Got the vehicle back yesterday and unfortunately it's still doing exactly the same thing. Heat inside the cabin all fine, engine heat ok... then all of a sudden freezing cold inside the cabin and engine temp rapidly rising. I opened up the bonnet and i believe that the leak which is quite rapid is somewhere at the back of the engine below or from the heater matrix. Anyone have an ide what the cause may be? More info on the mechanic's analysis. he found that the EGR cooler at the back of the engine had been bypassed by previous owner possibly. The two pipes had been joined together rather than allowing coolant to flow through the cooler. He also discovered that the rocker cover's gasket had a leak, which he's going to fix in a couple weeks time. He checked the coolant to see if there was sign of the headgasket gone, however he said that his test came back negative. He said the water pump is working and not leaking. Please let me know if anyone has any idea what the issue may be. I'm probably calling up Ford tomorrow to have the car booked in... :( Thanks Dale
  7. I just found this on ford service website. Anyone done “Motorcraft Superplus Anti-freeze” with FORD? Are they any good? Do you think this will include drain, flush and refill coolant as well as disposing of the old fluid? http://www.ford.co.uk/OwnerServices/Motorcraft/Repairs/Anti-freeze Mine car is 10 years old . I got no idea the previous done it, as I just owned for 2 years. As per schedule, it need to drain, flush and refill every 10 years. The price looks good (just £39), as I heard ford focus need 6 litres coolants which cost me almost £28. Do you think they will use Ford Super-Plus Premium Anti-Freeze Coolant which might last for next 10 years?
  8. Hello everyone. First time caller! I drive a 61 plate Focus 1.6, 42000 miles and last week it broke down. The warning display stated 'engine malfunction service soon' (or similiar) followed by a warning the car was overheating. I looked under the bonnet and noticed the coolant reservoir was totally empty. Called Greenflag who refilled resevoir and ran engine to see if there was any leak of which we could see none, making us fear it maybe the head gasket. Towed to local Ford dealership who have ran a diagnostic test and identified it as a heater matrix failure. Admittedly the windscreen has been developing a strange dense mist from bottom of screen to about five inches in height, almost in a straight line, which could only be removed by switching on the air con and this has been occurring for some weeks, which I've put down to early starts and the cold mornings that come with them. What puzzles me is that the carpets show no sign of water damage as you would expect nor has there been a sweet smell of antifreeze, although there have been blasts of 'musty-ness' from the vents on rare occasions, but which have gone as soon as they've appeared. Can you still get heater matrix failure without this kind of damage? Am I being unduly worried that it could be a wrong diagnosis? Levels are checked once a fortnight so coolant loss was fairly rapid, oil looks clean and no sign of smoking exhaust so is my fear of head gasket failure also unwarranted? I assume the dealership would have looked at that as a possible cause. Any help much appreciated.
  9. Temperature Light

    Hi all, Sorry if this is a stupid question, I have had a look for similar issues, but haven't found anything identical to what my car is doing. I have a Fiesta 2009 Titanium, and a couple of times I have had the temperature light come on while I have been in traffic. Now, this is not hours in a jam, but after about 10-15 minutes of stop/start moving. There was no burning smells or smoke etc and the engine appeared to be running fine, after about 30 seconds of normal running after the jam cleared, the light switched itself off. I have checked my levels and they are all fine, I booked it into my garage as a precaution and they have said they can't find anything wrong. They double checked the levels and ran a pressure test and all looks good. Any suggestions please or could this just be something that 'happens' and is nothing to worry about? Thanks in advance, Lisa
  10. Hi! This is going to sound like a dumb question but I am currently unable to top up my collant on my 58 Reg Focus as there is some kid of "seal" underneath the cap? I've checked the manual and been Googling it all evening and have not been able to find any reference to this part on the car? Basically the coolant level is looking low, so I have undone the cap but underneath it is a black plug with a brass coloured circle in the centre. There doesn't appear to be an easy way of removing it apart from prising it out with a flat headed screwdriver but I didn't want to damage anything without getting some advice first. Anyone any ideas please? It's so odd as there doesn't appear to be any reference to this part but topping up my coolant tank (the tank with the Max/Min marks on it) isn't just remove the cap and pour water in. any help greatly appreciated as I got a long drive on Friday and need this sorting beforehand! Cheers Dave
  11. Hi, I have a ford focus 1.4 ( 75K miles, 13 yr old) , few days back the engine management light came on and car was not picking up speed. Called up the rescue who saw that there was no coolant and there was a leak noticed near thermostat. Took it to garage, who changed the thermostat and fixed the leak. They said they did the gasket pressure test and it looked ok. It is now fine on short runs, however take it on motorway and after about 10 miles with 70 mph, the temperature gauge goes to red. If I drop the speed to about 40-50 it come back to middle again. I stopped the car and took a look at coolant expansion tank and the coolant was squiriting into the tank for a good 10 mins after engine switch off. The car works fine overall, but as such now limited to city driving and not for longer periods. I have to also keep topping up the coolant, mostly doing it with water for now. I will send it back to garage next week but anything I can do beforehand. Thanks
  12. Loosing coolant

    Hi, I bought a Ford Fiesta around 2 weeks ago and it's losing coolant well it is and it isn't. If I top it up to the 'max' mark it'll disappear till just above the 'min' mark then it won't go any lower. It went from max to min in around 100 miles but after another 100 miles it hasn't budged. I only found out because I was at a garage for wheel balancing and alignment and the mechanic said it looked like my water pump was looking. Just wondering if a water pump leak would cause this as I thought it would be a constant leak not just leak to a certain level and then stop or am I missing something? thanks for any insight offered
  13. I recently had to top up the engine coolant on my Focus. It had dropped quite a bit, but I was unable to find any leaks anywhere. Since topping it up, the level has stayed constant. I've noticed over the past couple of weeks that the engine temperature doesn't stay constant. It never gets too hot - i.e. the needle never passes vertical - but it does drop and go back up. I've noticed it gets cooler if I'm moving fast (probably when air is passing over the radiator?), and I've also noticed that the temperature drops when going uphill, regardless of how fast I'm going. I'm thinking this might indicate an air lock, but wouldn't the engine overheat sometimes if that was the case and coolant wasn't circulating? Any ideas? (Perhaps also worth noting is that a couple of months ago I blocked off the EGR valve. It's a 1.8 TDCi.)
  14. Coolant/heater hose.

    Hi Guys, I've got a coolant pipe leaking on my 1.6 tdci focus, noticed it just when I had hit 150k miles. I had been having coolant leaking issues before, but I thought I had addressed them with pouring in K-seal, but turns out not. The coolant drops to a certain level about 1/8 of the res tank and doesn't leak any further, probably because there is not enough pressure in the system. (that's my non mechanics thinking), but I don't get warm air. Now I've located the leak or at least one of them, and it's a split hose, behind the engine block, it's a braided hose, and there is one above the other looks something like this - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FIESTA-FUSION-1-4-TDCI-HEATER-HOSE-UNIT-2001-2008-2S6Q-8K512-AA-/271974904806?hash=item3f52f7b3e6:g:eOgAAOSwu4BV5yaU the thing is I can't find something that looks anywhere near similar to this for the 1.6tdci engine... I've got the 90hp non dpf version of the dv6 engine in mine... Maybe you guys can help me out... I will go to the garage this weekend or friday if they're open for them to replace it, but I want to know if I could source the pipe myself or even replace it myself to save some costs as I've already done so with the brake disks and the pads. :) Thanks
  15. Pressure In Coolant System

    Hi all, I have recently brought a Ford Focus 1.8TDCi Duratorq 2008. When I came to check the coolant level in the system (cold engine) there was no coolant visible in the expansion tank. When removing the expansion tank cap, the system lets out pressure and the coolant floods back into the expansion bottle through the large hose located at the bottom of the tank. Surely when the engine is cold there should be no pressure in the coolant system? Thanks in advance!
  16. I have a 56 plate Fiesta MK6 Zetec S, done 99k and hasn't let me down yet, untill recently. I first had a problem arriving at work after a 26 mile commute, noticed steam coming out of the bonnet so lifted it up to find there was NO coolant in it what so ever after being serviced 2 weeks before. so i topped it up and kept an eye on it. 2 months later after everything seemed fine, i was on the same commute and my engine temp rose from 90 to 120 in around 45 seconds while idleing in traffic, so i pulled over as there was luckily a petrol station right next to me and filled it up with coolant, then resumed on my way home, checked in the morning and all semmed fine, got to work this morning, checked again straight away, all seemed fine, checked an hour later after explaining my problem to a colleauge and it had dropped to basically 1/4 of the amount i had put in?! but the car had not moved, there are no puddles and no "mayonaise" in the engine oil. any advice would be appreciated on this as its doing my head in. thanks Chris.
  17. hi everybody, i know this has been brought up 100's of times. I Drive a 2002 1.8 tddi focus and my heater doesnt work. in more detail, i first noticed it a few weeks ago when driving through france, it was 34 degrees and when i pullled into a services the fan was rad running for 3 or 4 minutes when i pulled up. i was thinking with the heat that is out there it must be getting hot, so when i left the services i dropped my windows and put on the hot air, which stopped working after a minute, and only came back at a services. Thermostat so i assumed it was a thermostat stuck open, so i changed it, problem seemed to go away but after a long drive it came back, fan running again when i came into a services, and no hot air..... this time it was 2 degrees outside, Airlock, Im thinking an airlock is in the system but i cant seem to find it, also my thermostat seems to be allowing hot water through it the whole time so maybe the new stat is screwed again. all help appreciated guys
  18. Hi, I hope you can help... I noticed my engine coolant is on the MIN mark when the engine is cold, it goes up when hot, but not by much. I want to top it up so it's between MIN & MAX when cool. I went to the Ford Dealership and bought some Ford SUPER PLUS PREMIUM coolant today. I noticed it was more a yellow/light orange colour, compared to the pink colour that is in there at the moment. When I asked if they had the 'pink variety' the guy there said that they only have one type, and that it's fine to top it up with the one they gave me, even though it's a different colour. He claimed that "the coolant is always pink from the factory". I have left my engine to cool and was about to top up with a 50/50 mix of coolant and de-ionised water, when I thought I best check the manual, in which it states: "Do not mix different colours or types of coolant in your vehicle". I'm hesitant to do what should be a simple job, what with being given conflicting information. I'm not looking to drain all the coolant, I just want to top it up, so I'm wondering if anyone knows if it's safe to do so with the coolant I've been given? Any help would be much appreciated.
  19. Mk5 Heat Problem

    I've heard and read that fiesta MK4 and MK5s can have a heat problem with either hot or cold constantly feeding through and not being able to change the temperature. Mine is doing the exact same. It's feeding through constant hot air. After having read a solution, I thought it could be a thermostat problem. The guy I bought the car from told me he'd already changed that not so long before I bought the car and it was bought in March. I then read it could be a heater control valve problem. I changed the heater control valve and it worked! For a day or two... No I'm slightly stumped as to what next to look for. I don't believe it could be the matrix. I don't think there is a blockage anywhere otherwise it wouldn't have worked as soon as it was swapped. I'm reluctant to think its the connection as I checked that while swapping over the HCV and it seemed OK. Plus, it wasn't all that long ago. There's definitely no Leaks. The head gasket hasn't gone and its not on its way out. A few people had mentioned the heater control panel might be an issue. The fans are working on all settings but there's no wires running from the temperature knob. It's all running from the fan switch, the bottom of the PCB board and the 12v power supply. I don't think it could be the HCP neither becauxe it was working g when the HCV was swapped over. And I'm sure the wiring is normal anyhow. Has anyone got any ideas? I've searched all over this forum and I can't seem to find the answer. I'd rather not take it tons mechanic and part with my money haha. Thanks guys.
  20. Hi all, Ford Focus Mk2, 1.6 petrol. 2005 / 55. So yesterday I discovered that my engine coolant level was looking pretty low (maybe half an inch below 'min' when cold). No engine warning lights up to that point though. Today I took the car out to pick up some coolant / battery top up water (yes, I know that I probably could have used tap water!) to give it a bit of a top up before I decided what to do next. It was on the way back home that the fun began and I could feel the car juddering while driving up a hill until it got worse and worse. Experience told me that this was probably a spark plug / coil pack related issue. Still, at least the car still drove so I wasn't completely stranded, which is more than can be said for my previous cars. At this stage I hadn't twigged that the coolant issue was in fact related to the juddering as on inspection I discovered coolant / rusty water in / around the core plugs and it had made quite a mess. At least it solved that mystery. The frustrating this is that this is the very same issue that was discovered by my garage in Feb last year while they were doing the timing belt, except it had only got to the stage of making a mess / causing some corosion and hadn't had any noticeable impact on running or performance. I should also add that my car appears to have the modified screen washers and having done a few splash tests, they do seem water tight in my opinion. I only bought this car 2 years ago, directly from Ford, so I put my stern face on and drove (noisily) over to Ford and kind of dumped the car on their front door step and insisted on a resolution. I spoke to the head of servicing right away who said that the fault would be diagnosed and a solution decided at no charge, so at least I don't have to pay for them to find the issue. I accept that my car is gettinng on a bit, but I don't think it's acceptable for this to be happening once, let alone twice. The first time it happened was 6 months after I bought the car, so wasn't covered by a warranty. What stance should I take? What are the questions to ask? What is the actual solution so that I can check what they say against what you guys say? Can anyone explain to me what is actually happening to cause this and Is there a permanent fix? I'm hoping for a call back from them tomorrow. Thanks for any help or advice that anyone can give. J
  21. Ka 2003 Loosing Coolant

    My daughters KA is loosing coolant. . There is water on top of the thermostat housing so it is either a leaking hose or a failed O ring. How can I tell? If I need to replace the housing I've seen them on Ebay for about £15 but I can't find any instructions anywhere? I can't even get the air filter housing off so is there anything on the internet or do I need a Haynes manual and if so which one? Thanks Chris...
  22. Hi, I am not sure if i am posting this in the right place or not. So feel free to move it if it is in the wrong place. I have been slowing loosing coolant and i think that i may have pin pointed the area where the coolant has been leaking from, with a little help. The car is a ford fiesta 2003 i have attached the picture (from google) in which i have circled where i believe that the coolant is leaking out of. My question is how do i go about repairing this or does anyone know where i am able to get a new pipe from Sorry i am a little bit clueless about cars so any help would be greatly appreciated thanks :)
  23. Hi, I purchased my Focus Mk2 last month and it has been running fine with no problems. I noticed last week that my fan carried on running when I turned the engine off due to it overheating - there wasn't any coolant left so i topped it up and all was well for another couple of days... Again it ran out of coolant yesterday and i found a leak in the joins of the pipes that supply the heater matrix behind the panel in the driver foot well. Having replaced the o rings and resealing it seemed to stop the leak in this please BUT there is now a MAJOR leak in the heater matrix which is draining the whole coolant around in around 1 minute. In short i can get hold of a new heater matrix relatively easy, but how hard are they to fit? anyone have step by step? I have heard you have to take the whole dash out and garages can quote 400+ for this to be done - which funds will not allow! I have also seen that you can cut the plastic cover for the heater matrix and get it out this way is this true? Help with this ASAP is required as i am without a car until this is sorted!!!!
  24. Hi All, I have a 2007 ford fiesta 1.4 duratec with +- 115k km on the engine. Yesterday I found a lot of oil in my coolant container, but no white spots on my dip stick or oil cap. the car has not over heated. Could anyone assist me in attempting to identify the problem? I would greatly appreciate it. Regards Mawande
  25. Hi, (I'm new here). I noticed my coolant/antifreeze was just about at the min level in the resevoir. So went to Ford and got the correct coolant. Came home, let engine cool down fully. Open the cap to top up with antifreeze and this is what I am faced with. Am I missing something obvious or is there something not right here? See photo below. Any help would be greatly appreciated!