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Found 39 results

  1. A few days ago when the freezing temperatures hit I went out to get the car sorted so I could go to work. Long story short, the drivers door handle was frozen. I was as gentle as I could be wiggling it slowly until it opened. Unfortunately as it opened something broke and it now won't open the door. The central locking still works and the inner door handle will still open the door but not the outer handle. The question I have is, is this just a replacement of a cable within the door between the handle and the locking mechanism ( if the cable has snapped which I think it has) or would the whole locking mechanism need to be replaced (is it a "1 piece" solution)? I can't seem to find any photos or info on the internet that answers this. Also any ideas on price for either repair? Thanks in advance! Andy
  2. So I’ve seen the new fiesta 2018 or however it is titled, and love the fold out plastic door protectors when you open the door they pop out but when you close it they fold back in. the main thing that has stopped me getting permanent ones is due to how they look when the door is shut however I would love the fold out type. Has anyone come across a 3rd party version or the possibility of retrofitting something like this. I have a MK7.5 Zetec 13 plate. cheers :)
  3. Hi all, This is something that keeps happening for a while but just want to check if it's fixable before taking it to the mechanics. I have a Ford Fiesta Zetec Climate 2007 (UK) The "passenger door open" warning keeps appearing but the door is closed. It can be fixed when I open/close the door a couple of times. The issue is if I can't get the sign to disappear, the doors won't close from outside with the key. I don't know where the door sensor is to clean it or something. I've tried locking the door from the inside but the moment I try to lock the rest of the car with the key, it won't stay locked. I've put UK as on European cars, the problem could be recurrent on the driver door. Thank you for the help
  4. Mk2 jammed door latch

    The passenger door on my Mk2 has stopped closing properly. Poking around the door, it seems that the latch has lost its springiness and each time the door is opened, I have to reset the latch position manually before slamming the door. Anyone experienced this? I'd like to find out if it's fixable or going to be a new door mech before forking out for diagnostic work at the garage. Thank you,
  5. Door electrical connector

    Hi, My Left front door speaker isn't working. I believe the problem is with the connector at the door. However i can't get this out to inspect the connections behind it on the car side (i.e. not the door) Can anyone tell me how to get this connector out. I can see behind it if i get my torch right in behind the glove compartment and i think i can see a broken lead there. I have tried wiring the left speaker direct running an additional wire through, everything worked ok. However a day later the alternator failed. I pulled everything out and removed it to see if the initial warning light was from the electrical work i have added. So now i am back to square one with no left speaker. My mechanic said the electrics are so complicated these days any extra wiring (perhaps even on the stereo) could have thrown up a fault. Is this true? Will i do any harm doing a direct wire to this speaker?? Any advice welcome. Cheers Brett
  6. Eve, my Mk2 Focus, has developed a little problem over the last couple of weeks. On a few occasions whilst driving I've had a warning that the rear passenger door is open which has now developed into the alarm going off occasionally whilst the car is parked up. I'm guessing that there's a problem with whatever it is that detects that the door is closed. Is there some kind of sensor in the lock mechanism? Any suggestions on how to resolve this would be appreciated - (i) what can I do to fix the problem? (ii) what components may need replacing? (iii) can I bypass it?
  7. 05 plate ford focus

    Hi all, My partners focus has been a little naughty lately first the boot stopped working then started sounding like a tractor (oil and filter changed) then the passenger door decided not to unlock when its come to open the bonnet to charge battery as been stood the bonnet catch wont open up. Please help before i pour a gallon off petrol on it and have a bbq.
  8. Heya! About a month ago my girlfriend bought a Ford fiesta freedom (2006 plate) which has been working great apart from one thing! The indicator for the front passenger door keeps saying it is open. The sensor knows when the door is open but doesn't always realise it closes. We had a quick look to see if we could find the sensor but it seems hidden in the bodywork?! Also does anyone know where the earth points for the sensor are? Anything else we could check? Thanks!! :)
  9. Focus MK3 Titanium Door Rubber

    Hi All, Has anyone had any issues with the rubber around the doors on their Focus? Attached is a photo of mine, which shows it hanging off and sticks out everytime the door is opened. I've got it sorted (they stuck it back with something...glue? resin??) twice now. they dont seem to have a permanent solution for this. any suggestions??
  10. Leaking Door

    Hi. I have got water coming in from the (front) passenger door panel (see attached photo). Anyone seen this before? Would I be right guessing that the water is coming in via the door window seal? And for some reason not running out the drain holes? The drain holes at the bottom of the door are clear. If I were to attempt to take the door card off, how much work is it? How much work is needed once the card is off? What am I likely to need part-wise? Or anyone got any idea how much would a dealer charge me? Thanks. Craig
  11. Unfortunately, the central locking is playing up. Everything works perfectly except the driver's door 'unlock' when using the remote. The door can be unlocked using the key and can be unlocked (assuming the deadlock is not on) from the inside. I have checked fuses, checked for broken wires (nothing obvious) as well as removing the door panel. As I mentioned, everything else works fine. It seems it is not possible to pull out the connector (of the door wiring loom) hidden within the door frame without removing the door, so before I do that, I wanted to check that, when applying the appropriate signal (+12V ?, earth ?) to the relevant unlock wire of the loom, the door lock actuator was indeed ok (suggesting a broken wire/ poor contact somewhere else). But, the loom that runs from the door connector (hidden in the pillar) to the lock actuator plug in the door itself, which has nine wires (6 lighter gauge, 3 heavier), are ALL COLOURED BLACK !!!!! What's all that about ??? Anyway, I can access the 10 way plug in the door so can track back the nine wires and identify them, if I knew the pin configuration of this actuator module plug/connector itself ? Can anyone help ? TIA ....
  12. Hi. I hope someone can help. I have an S reg Focus and the drivers door won't open from either inside or outside of the car. The key fob doesn't work but the key will unlock the passenger side and I have to climb across each time. The 'lock' button on the inside of the drivers door appears to be jammed in and won't come out. The central locking is working in that if I press the 'lock' button on the passenger side it locks all the other doors and vice versa. But the drivers door does nothing. I have read various posts about fixing intransigent door locks but they all assume you can open the door from either inside or out and start by instructing you to remove the door trim. What if you can't open the door at all? Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated. Dave..
  13. Hi guys, I'm a fairly new member of the forums and I'm looking for some advice regarding rust. I have a '54 plate Fusion 1.4 TDCi which is developing a pocket of rust behind the weld seam at the bottom of the front passenger door, as per the pic below: The seam that passes the patch of rust has bulged forward and deforms if you press it (creaks, springs back out). I suspect it has spread deeper than the eye can see due to the bubbling paint in the area around it. I would quite like to fix this (if possible); I'm very fond of the car (inherited from parents for an industrial placement at uni) and want to keep it going as long as possible due to how practical it is and how super cheap it is to run. I know it's 10+ years old, so rust etc. is to be expected.. I'm guessing the loose seam section and rust would have to be removed down to the unaffected metal - if I went this far would the subsequent repair be possible with off the shelf products? Or would it have to be patched (welded?) by a body repair shop?
  14. Help Focus Window Regulator

    Hi all im new to this site hopefully im posting in right section. I have a 2002 5door hatchback 1.6 focus. And the drivers door, the cables inside for the electric windows have snapped iv been told its called a regulator so tomorrow im going scrappy to get one. Iv took of off the car seemd pretty simple to remove. But it doesn't connect to the window is tgere anything im missing or does the new one have to connect to the window some how. Any help would be grateful. Thanks guys n girls
  15. Hi, Can anyone help? The driver's door of my 2001 Ford Focus is rather rusty at the bottom so I'm thinking of buying a replacement door and fitting it myself - it looks reasonably easy to do. However, what about the locks in the door? Do I need to somehow switch the locks from the old door into the replacement door? Or does the new door miraculously work with my old keys because the electrics tell it to? Thanks for any help. Ian
  16. Door Replacement

    Hi Guys Hoping someone on here can help. Had somebody drive in to my car today and leave a nasty dent in the door. Been looking at the option of replacing the door but not sure how easy the door is to remove and then refit on a MK3 focus. I will also potentially need to transfer the handle from the old door to the new door. Does anybody on here have any experience with this who might be able to advise me as to how difficult this will be or wether it is best leaving things like this to the garages to do. Thanks Jamie
  17. Apologies firstly as I'm a newbie to the forum. I own a 2006 FORD FIESTA ZETEC CLIMATE 5 DOOR HATCHBACK. Unfortunatley the other day, the bar that runs along the top of the 'cut-out' has broken off, it is un-repairable as the plastic joints have shattered. I have marked it in red on this picture : https://www.dropbox.com/s/v8oycemlhuf7vit/fiesta-door-mark.jpg?dl=0 I'd like to go about replacing it, and looking at some suggestions... Is the door handle replaceable, or is it a part of the whole door card ? I've seen a couple listed on e-bay, but some appear to have the part that I have broken missing ... Lastly, how easy is it to replace ? I guess there would be connections for the electric-door switch and radio speakers. I guess this would cost mega-bucks to get an official ford dealer to replace :D Thanks for reading, looking forward to your suggestions.
  18. Hi, I was just wondering does anyone have an idea where I could source a door and a front wing on the drivers side for a Ford Transit 1987-89 Thanks
  19. Interior Door Repair

    Hi, I have a piece missing on the inside drivers door and wanted to know if there was any way I could repair it? Many thanks
  20. Hi guys and gals, im new on here and looking for some help. The trick is in the thread title ;) I've looked around and I can't find any clear guide on where to add the wires to? 2013 focus 1.0t modded and mapped
  21. Passenger Door Strip

    Hi, New to the forum so sorry if its already been discussed. The passenger door strip was flapping around a few months ago so I glued it back on. Now its come unstuck again. My question is - what do I stick it down with so that it stays down. Thanks in advance. -Scott 61 Plate Fiesta 1.4 Diesel Zetec
  22. Fiesta Rubber Door Trim Coming Off

    Hi guys the rubber trim on my fiesta rear doors are coming off (the rubber bits that seal the front of the rear doors to the B pillar) I was wondering if anyone knew a way to replace or mend these without resorting to paying the dealers £100 for each. I have considered trying some kind of araldite/support glue but was worried about what that'd do to the rubber seals life or appearance afterwards
  23. The 2013 Zetec S only comes with the illuminated cup holder, you 'can' buy the ambient bar that goes above the glove box. but what about the ambient lights on the driver and passenger doors? Well i have a pair!! They 'are' for sale in that particular section, but as they are for a fiesta only, hope its ok to mention here as they are very car specific. I have the lighting kit and wiring for each door, they were made to order and not cheap, but i found the pin in the door hinge connector that powers them properly, you do not need to go to fords and have them switched on! Hardest bit is removing the door card and hinge connector block, which is actually really easy!!!! They are ready to be fitted, the hole in the door card will already exists, just look under where the window switch is. Asking £40 for both! If you can come down and collect, i will give you a hand fitting them......for free to FOC members if you make a small contribution to my charity. (the amount i leave up to you) ;) They are fitted standard to the Titanium, X and ST3 models only, and if you want to add that little extra i also wired in ambient lights to the top pockets where the chrome door opener goes, and ALL work with the rest of the ambient lights in your car as it should, and look awesome!!!! Let me know, postage available if you are too far away and i will provide install guidance and photos to aid you. Let me know... :)
  24. Passenger And Driver Door Error

    Hi, I've a MK6 Zetec S and I'm having a few issues with both doors and the central locking. Basically I'm receiving a error code on the dash saying that either the driver/passenger door is open, however this is not the case. Also, because of this error I can't lock the car and have to shut/slam the door many times until the car locks. I've seen some posts on the internet but not found a ideal solution. Has anyone else experienced this and found a cure, bar taking it to the garage!
  25. The plastic trim that runs horizontally across the middle of the front passenger side door is coming away. I've had a price of £70 for the replacement part + fitting or £31 for the part only. Would it be easy to fit myself does anyone know?