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Found 44 results

  1. Hi, My first post so thanks for reading. I have searched the forums and can't find this problem so apologies if I missed it. I fitted a new washer pump to my sons 2006 1.6 tdci Focus this morning. It is an after market part but went in fine and worked first time. Now the weird thing has started. When you press the button to wash the front screen the wipers wipe but water comes out on the rear screen. Before you react and tell me to switch the hoses when you pull the lever to wash and wipe the rear screen it works perfectly. Never seen this problem before, any ideas?
  2. Hello everyone, I am trying to build a remote internet connected system with functionality to to open/close, remote start and to listen and monitor information over the CAN-bus. I'm in the beginning of this project and I'm trying to locate all signals/wires needed in order to start. Does anyone here has electrical drawings for the Fiesta MK7 (2010)? Particularly over the door lock system? Ignition and immobiliser is OK. If you don't have the drawings maybe you know where to find the lock/unlock wires? It would be good if I could find them close to the left-hand A-Pillar/driver door since the module will be located there. How are they triggered, by a high 12v pulse? Thank you!
  3. Hi all, Would anyone have any knowledge of lights always being on and locked in dip mode only when ignition is turned on please? also no other light options work other than indicators/hazards e.g. no fogs back or front, no main beam. 08 Galaxy D. Happy Saturday you lovely people.
  4. Grand C-Max

    I have a 2012 Grand C-Max 2.0 TDI For some reason the lights on the Near Side turns off after a while, leaving only the Dim lights on, Indicator and mirror light still works. Lights that goes off (rear brake & park lights & Front park light) I have checked all the lights but i have no blown bulbs, what else could it be. Its my first ford, but I know that this is a symptom of a problem but I do not know where to look.
  5. I have a 1994 Ford Taurus that keeps on blowing the EEC relay. Where would the best place to go for help?
  6. Just installed my brand new Xtrons PB76FSFAP-B head unit, and i love it... just tweeking the finer details on it. i would like to dim my head unit when the headlights come on as they are automatic anyway im told from some of the forums that there is an orange wire behind the unit that needs to be plugged into the headlight pin. does anyone have any material on which pin is for which on my wiring loom? the previous unit dimmed on headlights starting up so this is a good sign.
  7. I found this wire sitting loose when I took my battery out. I couldn't see anywhere that it was attached to or had come away from & the car seems to be running fine without it. Any ideas what it is? Cheers.
  8. Having a big problem with my Fiesta mk6 tdci at the moment. Symptoms Car loses all power suddenly and cuts out. (Then have to turn the ignition to start the car again) Battery light flickers on and off when it is being driven. Steering wheel locks up due to no power when the car cuts out. In recent weeks the car has cut out a few times when being reveresed and has been a litle bit sluggish going up hills. (This was happening before the car was cutting out all the time and losing power) Other info Car still starts Tested voltage of the battery and alternator and they are fine. Cleaned up sensors and battery connectors. Removed negative battery connector and the car still run but was stuttering a bit. Then turned the lights on and the car stalled. Checked MAF sensor (Clean as a whistle) Green flag looked for error codes and no codes where found. I have ruled out the EGR valve because in my opinion it is an electrical problem because of the symptoms. I haven't taken the car to a garage yet as I am trying to find the problem myself first. Any thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated.
  9. Hello My 2007/2008 Fiesta ST has developed a weird problem Basically when i press the swtich for the electric window i get a weird rapid clicking noise, the interior light flashes on, theres a beep and the lights signal as if the hazards are on however from what i can tell they havent actaully flashed outside. The problem is usally resolve by opening and closing the door again, although sometimes once is enough sometimes i have to do this 4 or 5 times before i can open and close the windows? Is there some sensor or something that thinks the door is still open ? I need to get this fixed and if i can do it myself that would be really helpful thanks T
  10. Hi, my son has just bought his first car, a 2009 fiesta, studio 1.2. We've spotted that in the side of diver's footwell, next to the central console a 3 pin electrical connector is poking out a couple of inches. It's got two yellow & purple wires. See photo attached. I've trawled google but can't seem to find an explanation of what it's for. I wondered if it's an auxiliary connection to the stereo? Can anyone help explain this please?
  11. Ford Focus sport 2007, driving along and all the electrics turn off and the engine shuts down, the windscreen wipers start to slowly go from one side of the windscreen to the other, and the left indicator light flashes. Heaters turn off. Also you are able to start the car again, Anyone any ideas ?
  12. Hi guys, I've not long brought my 2002 focus 3 dr. just ironing out a few problems with it. one being the interior heaters. they dont work on setting 1, 2, 3 or 4. nothing at all. I've checked all the fuses, they're fine. I've replaced the heater resistor behind the glove box, still nothing. What else could it be? Also, how do I adjust the revs? They're sitting slightly to low, the car vibrates a little too much for me when idling. If i put a tiny bit of gas on and i do mean a tiny bit, it fine. and finally (so far anyway) the drivers door speaker is quiet, work but quiet. i think they've been upgraded at some point in their life. I know its no wiring issue behind the head unit as i changed that myself. to save me looking myself, how do i change a bulb in the rear light cluster? at a glance i cant see any clips to take the back cover off, I'm most probably being blind though! Thanks for any help guys!
  13. Hello My name is Roberta's I have a Ford Focus that has an airbag light on the dash , the light was there since I bought the car upon inspection i found that the passenger side airbag has been disconnected , The only problem is I can not find any loose connector that would be able to plug in to the airbag. Here as some pictures of some loose connections that I have managed to find in the same area as the air-bag ,but i have no clue if these belong to the airbag or not , if anyone has some valuable information please share , Thank you
  14. Hi all, Just joined this forum on behalf of my dad who is having a number of issues which we can not seem to solve, so any help here is much appreciated! Dad owns a 2011 Mondeo Titanium X Sport 2.0 Eco Boost Auto with 14k miles on the clock, owned it for about 2 years now. A couple of months ago the car started to play up where the key fob would unlock the car but the wing mirrors wouldn't open out, the push to start button would not start the car but the instrument display would show the Ford logo. AA man came round, disconnected the battery for about 10 mins then the car was ok and started up. Couple of days later same thing happened so dad did what the AA man did and was ok, but then the car wouldn't turn off! It is an Auto so couldn't stall it. Took it to Fords while running and the guys come out and agreed that it wouldn't stop. Eventually the car did turn off after pressing the on/off start button a few times. Left the car with Fords to investigate and they said that there was nothing wrong with it after doing the Vagcom/diagnostic checks etc. Paid about £300 for this so far. They gave the car back to us and it was ok for a day or so until the same thing happened. Ford then flashed the internal computer and updated all the firmware etc and the car was ok. Today (about 2/3 months later) dad went to start his car and nothing, the key fob wouldn't open the car and even using the internal key in the fob would not open the doors! Ford have said they have never seen this before and don't know what to suggest, so we have a car we are unable to get into. Dad has tried both key fobs and tried every possible thing we can think of. Has anyone on the forum experienced this before or have any ideas as to what it could be!? Any help/suggestions are welcome. Thanks,
  15. Hi, I need to replace a broken yellow drivers knee airbag electrical plug which is attached to a loom in the driver's foot well, a loom which also feeds the nearby driver's foot well courtesy light. It has just two wires into the plug from the loom and I think it would be easy to repair but is there anywhere that sells this item alone? I will try Ford but I do not want to replace the entire loom just for this one little plug which I suspect is integral to the loom. Is there somewhere online that specializes in Ford electrical plugs such as this? This plug is for a Ford Fiesta 2009 1.25 Petrol Zetec. Thanks, Gallantfive
  16. Electrical Power Issues

    Hi All, FYI before I go into my story this is an 11 plate 1.6 Ecoboost petrol engine with start-stop. having lots of issues with my S-MAX of late, first of all it was suspected a power drain whilst the car was stood still but now seems like an issue with the alternator. The power issues first started after driving around all evening and when waiting at the last stop for my Son to come out of club the car warned me low battery. Days later I got stuck at traffic lights with no ability to turn the engine over, RAC tried to jump with nothing happening. Mechanic pronounced the battery dead at the scene and put a new, larger battery (have no idea if its the right type). Anyway all fine for a few days but the starter seems to be getting slower and even whilst driving home last night the power steering failed, battery light came on etc... The car would not start at this point. Now this morning car would start and I found the in car diagnositcs (thanks you tube), now the battery on the dash display (I don't have a volt meter handy), reads 12.6V even when the engine it running, then put stuff on like lights heaters this goes down to under 12 volts. If this is showing power at the battery terminals I assume this would be higher as the alternator charges the batter, but hay I don't know. Anyway looking around the web there seems to cables going into the alternator, the power output and regulator connector. Now these videos ect talk about a 3 pin connector, but looking under my bonnet (looks like the alternator is on the front left of the engine, there are 2 connectors a large cable (power to battery) and nother connector, but the connector has holes for 2 cables and only 1 cable going in ?!?!? I was looking to unplug second cable to turn the alternator into none smart mode and see if that charged the battery. Anyone have details on this engine and its alternator, also the second plug, should that just pull out or is it clipped in? Thanks to any help recieved. PS have attached image of what I think to be the alternator and its two connectors.
  17. Hello. Thanks for looking at this. We have a 2011 Focus Sport 1.6 TDCI it's not the new model it's the 2009-2011 one. Sometimes when we try to start the engine a red triangle shows up on the dash saying 'Engine Malfunction' and it will not allow us to start the engine. The thing is sometimes it shows up and sometimes it does not. When the error is not coming up you can start the engine and it drives perfectly - but every time you want to start the engine it's like a lottery - you need to try again and again by taking the key out and put it back in again. Most of the times it's fine but sometimes as it happens you may end up spending quite a few minutes until will allow you to start the engine. I've noticed that especially after a long drive you have a better chance to get the error when you stop and try to start the engine again. Local Ford garage had the car check, it comes up with some vague communication error codes and they can't figure out what's wrong with it. They even had the ECU removed tested and it's fine, they still have the car but they really don't know what's wrong with it. Any idea what can be wrong? Anyone else had this problem ? Thank you, this is my first post so please forgive me if I posted in the wrong place.
  18. Dear fellow KA owners/enthousiasts, I have been driving my Ford KA (first car i owned) for about half a year now. I never had any serious problems with it untill now. Today i wanted to drive to the store but my car wouldn't start. I did not hear the engine or starter turn over, but i did hear a ticking noise, which i believe comes from the relais to the starter engine. I made videos of me starting the engine (both from the drivers seat and under the hood) to maybe help you guys pinpoint the problem. View My Video View My Video All electrical things like radio/windows work so i know the battery is not dead (it's a battery that was installed when i bought the car). I did change the bulb in my left headlight the day before, but afterwards i drove to a friend and back without any problems. Is it possible that a wire was close to being disconnected because of my headlight fix and then disconnected due to vibrations when i was driving? Is this maybe a moisture issue in the distributor/starter (it has been raining the last few days)? We have tried a few things, being: - reconnecting the battery connections. - putting it in second gear and pushing to turn over the starter one turn. This did change the sound a bit when i tried to start it afterwards, but then it almost instantly changed back to the old ticking noise. - pushing the car with the clutch down and letting the clutch come up slowly to try and start it without the starter engine. This didn't work, but we only tried it once since it was just the 2 of us. I have some knowledge of car engines since i study mechanical engineering, but i lack experience in the practical application, so any tips, help or suggestions on what to do would be appreciated very much!! I don't have a multimeter right now, but will be able to get one tomorrow. Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes, i'm not a native English speaker ;) Looking forward to a response and thanks in advance!
  19. Apologies in advance for length... I recently repaired some crash damage to the front of my Mark 2 Focus. The repair involved a new bumper, passenger-side wing, ECU housing, all the bits of plastic in that area, tie-rod, other wheel bits, etc. Basically the front and front nearside of the car. The car was sitting for about 2 years, during some of which it was exposed to the elements, some of which it was garaged. When outside, the ECU was hanging free, but protected by a plastic bag. (There wasn't really anything in that area of the car to protect it. The car was also covered by a tarp.) I recently (finally) finished the repairs, and the car passed its MOT first time, with the only note (advisory?) being that parts of the underside showed corrosion. That was a couple of weeks ago. I'm now having what I assume to be electrical problems, which started a few days ago. 1) Main problem The following lights show all the time on the dash: red battery warning light yellow engine management light The central LCD says ENGINE SYSTEMS FAULT. (With the red LED next to it being lit.) The car starts and runs fine. I've read the faults with a reader and found the following: U0140 - lost communication with body control module U0422 - invalid data received from instrument panel or body control 2) Intermittent problem #1 The Main Problem remains, but with the addition of: STEERING ASSIST FAILURE on the LCD screen. (With the yellow LED next to it.) The handbrake warning light starts to flash. The car continues to drive, and it doesn't seem that the power to the steering changes. 3) Intermittent problem #2 The yellow ABS warning light comes on while driving, and the speedo stops working (it just drops to zero mph). The tacho dial remains working fine. The car still drives fine. 4) Intermittent problem #3 This happened today. The whole instrument panel switched off while driving. The car remained running and moving, but I lost power steering completely during a turn. (Meaning I'm not using the car again until all this is resolved.) The turnover also became lumpy, but the car didn't stop or appear to slow down. (i.e. It didn't go into Limp Mode.) Problems 2), 3) and 4) give me the following error codes (I haven't decoded them): P03c1 C00e1 B17c4 P2200 So a right bag of problems. Where should I start? Has the ECU rotted away from the inside while the car was sitting out in the elements, or could it be something less drastic than that? Should I investigate the Main Problem first and hope that the intermittent problems will disappear once the Main Problem is fixed?
  20. Heated Door Mirrors

    When I engage the heat rear screen I would expect the door mirrors to warm up too. but they feel very cool to the touch. My question is how easy is it to remove the mirrors to check the connections? thanks in advance Rob
  21. Hi there, I have a 2010 Focus so I guess that would be the Mk 2.5 variation. My driver's side headlight doesnt work and I've narrowed the problem down to a relay, through testing voltages on the headlight cluster plug, swapping clusters etc etc. There is a clicking noise under the glove box whenever I turn my light switch from side lights to headlights so I want to check that relay as I'm 99% sure that's the problem. The thing is, I can hear the clicking as clear as day coming from the glove box when sitting inside the car, but for the life of me I can't see the relays! The fuse board has all the fuses etc but I can't see any relays, my board is the same as this one http://i34.tinypic.com/2rh5xti.jpg The only difference between my board and the one in this picture is mine doesnt have a black relay on the left at the top. I've never done anything to this fuse board and never modded my car and I bought it from an SMC branch so everything should be as stock. I bought it in 2012 and the headlights have been working up until about a week ago. Can anyone help me with where the relays are under the glove box please? i'm going mad and in need my headlight working :) Thanks, Matt.
  22. Esp Light

    Hi All I have just replaced the battery on my 2008 1.6 zetec, the esp light is now on can anyone offer any ideas as to why this is? many thanks Neil
  23. Electrical Issues

    im having problems with my s-max, the headlights, indicators and break lights work but my full beam, fog lights (front and rear), dash lights and cruse controll dont work ???? has anybody got any advice please many thanks
  24. I bought a mk3 Focus ST2 at the end of October I'm the 2nd owner and it was registered in May 2014. Car ran like a dream until recently I've started to have problems with the electrics. While driving all warning lights on dash come on, both speedo and rev counters seem to lose power and the needles drop to zero then trip computer shuts down then everything reboots and returns to normal all in that order. It doesn't seem to be a major fault as car still drives fine but can be quite alarming and annoying! I only recently noticed that no matter how hard I drive the car the boost gauge never really goes over half way. Is this normal or could it be linked to my electrical fault? Has anyone else experienced the same problems? Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!
  25. Key Fob Battery Needs Replacing

    Ford S-max Titanium 2012 My S-max is told me I needed to replace the key in my keyless start fob. So I have replaced the battery but the car still tells me it needs a new battery. I have used the same make and size of battery that was in the key fob. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem and what the solution is. Is it just that the computer needs resetting? How do I do this if so.